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Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Cleaning out memory cards and found a few I'd forgotten about. Also, a few from last night.

I had the day off last Monday on President's day which likely would have been a snow day regardless due to the amount of white fluff that landed in our yard. Henry had not been out in the snow in some time, and since it was such a warm day, I decided we'd venture outside. For some odd reason I thought it would be better to just go out on the deck (partly because I knew Henry wasn't a HUGE fan of the snow and likely wouldn't stay content that long). There was quite a bit of snow out there already so I threw a blanket down on the floor (because I was too lazy to run upstairs and grab some towels) and out the door we went. Unfortunately, it was difficult to try and open the deck door and get Henry outside with my camera around my neck without letting the dogs out. The dogs getting out screamed a giant mess that I didn't want to clean up. Well, it didn't work. The dogs quickly followed Henry out, and in the process, knocked him over. To start, our time outside was not favorable.


Henry was freaking out quite a bit, so I figured we'd go right back inside. However, my second run of the scenario in my mind led me to let him cry it out a bit in hopes of him slowly becoming friends with the snow. Good idea I had:


He didn't do much in the snow other than fill a little cup and dump it out on his jacket. And, unfortunately, that was the only smile I was able to capture.


But these two are cute too!


I let the dogs in first. Giant mess. Snow everywhere. Then, Henry and I tracked in. I stripped him back down to his clothes and threw our wet boots and his snowpants over by the tile. Henry pointed out the "oh-o's" (snow) everywhere. I grabbed some paper towels and cleaned everything up. No more than 2 minutes after I threw away said paper towels, Mocha begins to gag (because I forgot to feed the dogs that morning, and when she's over the top hungry, she vomits everywhere). There was NO way I was cleaning up her puke, so I threw her outside. Hershey mangages to squeeze out there again too. Brilliant idea that was, as I cleaned up the snow mess a second time. Maybe we should have just used the garage door.

Henry enjoys sitting at his little table for his weekend afternoon snack time.


And, our big boy eats his cereal like a big boy these days...with a spoon and milk.



And finally, last night. Some of you may have read my facebook status which indicated that Henry not only willingly tried, but continued to eat multiple bites of broccoli for the first time ever. Amazing. His second amazing feat for the night? This:


The dark purplish circle? He drew that. Now, I won't pretend to imagine that he sat down and said to himself, "I want to draw a circle." However, I have been working on getting him to imitate circular motions, and I think this is the product of that. The best part about this? Not only did he somehow draw a pretty darn good circle, he noticed it was a circle and came over and loudly told me over and over "Circle! Circle! Circle!" as he pointed to it. I hadn't been paying attention to what he had been doing, so when I figured out what he was saying and what he was pointing at, it was pretty awesome. Those are the things that make being a mommy pretty spectacular. Circles and broccoli.




Tom said...

Looks like we have quite an artist!! Soooo cute....

kfiland30 said...

Henry you remind me of your mommy, when she was little, sitting at the table eating her cereal...

Kelly said...

I'm ready for another blog post or more pictures of Mr. Henry! :) I had to go back and read old ones for entertainment at work. haha It's been 10 days since your last post.

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