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Saturday, April 30, 2011
Where to begin? This month has seen many exciting changes!

The one I'm most excited about is the recent out of no where explosion of two word phrases. Since we've been back form our trip, he's pretty much said at least one new one per day, if not more. Ones we've heard often: "shoes on/off", "shirt on/off", "bye-bye airplane",  (and bye-bye to whatever else), "mama home", "open" with a variety of things to open, "mama in" (when he wants me to go in his tent), "brush teeth", "poopy potty", "TV on", etc. He also continues to repeat pretty much any word said to him (thus, no swearing in front of him at all anymore), with the funniest word being "beer"...though he says it more like "bewww". He also says "excuse me" after he passes gas and burps, and sometimes says "bless you"--but only after he sneezes.

Other new things on the language front include continued understanding and following of directions (remember the perfect toddler that colored eggs?), and labeling possessions (he'll point to things that are his and say "Henry" and point to things that are mine or daddy's and say "mama" or "dada". He also has been answering more questions lately as well. Funny story...

When he came home the other day, he ran to me yelling "bewww, bewww, bewww!". I thought, "Why in the world is he screaming beer?". So, I looked around the corner, and sure enough, there was a case of Bud Light daddy brought in. I asked him who's beer it was and he replied loudly "Dada!!". Not super proud that he says and recognizes beer, but it was kind of an accident. He saw the shiny cans daddy and grandpa had this past weekend and thought he would try to take it. I said, "No, that's beer...yucky.". So now, he believes all aluminum cans are "bewww".

Now that he's been answering questions more, and very often with the cutest "noooo" you'll ever hear, many things can no longer be posed in the form of a question ( I know this, I work with preschoolers). Asking something in the form of a question (i.e., Do you want to take a bath?) offers a choice, and obviously, many things aren't choices. He doesn't know how to say "yes" yet. When he actually wants to answer "yes" to a question, he will smile/get excited, but not say anything. He also can answer the question "What is your name?" Pretty sweet. :)

Some articulation is also getting better. After saying "milk" as "nil" for nearly a year, he FINALLY has the "k" sound at the end. It now sounds more like "nilk". There are a few other things that have gotten more clear recently, such as Kelly which used to be "T", and he apparently says "snack" clear as a bell at daycare, but we haven't heard it yet.

Cognitive skills also continue to expand. He continues to label everything and wants to know labels to things he doesn't know. He seems to notice and remember EVERYTHING these days. His memory seems to be really quite good.

He seems to know most colors. He's not 100% consistent with every object you present to him, but he for sure knows yellow, blue, green, red, and purple most of the time. Brown, black and pink he does sometimes, and orange he tries, but really can't say.

He knows the same letters as he did last month (we haven't really worked on letters since we've been back), we've been focusing on the colors. I've also started to get him to count things. He counted 5 balls (saying the number after I said it) one time the other day. He knows to move his finger to each object.

Fine motor wise, he loves to color. He'll occupy himself for quite a while laying on the floor coloring in a coloring book. His favorite color to use seems to be yellow for some reason, and he loves to try to draw the letter "H" and "airplanes". He'll scribble, scribble, scribble and then either shriek "H!!!!" or "Airplane!!!" (which sounds a bit like "bay-bay" right now).

He got a new puzzle for Easter, so we'll be working on mastering that soon too! I'm going to start by taking out just 1 or 2 at a time so that he doesn't get overwhelmed, otherwise I don't think he'll pick up on the concept of this type of puzzle yet.

New (skill) in the last few days? A new pout. Ohmygoodness, it will break your heart. I have to catch it on camera or video camera soon.  This new behavior has been happening when he doesn't get what he wants (obviously)--usually when he has asked for something really nicely, and I give him the response he doesn't want. For example, tonight I poured myself a quick glass of juice and told him he couldn't have any since we were eating soon. His new behavior? Quietly standing still and looking down while covering his eyes. We've been ignoring it, obviously, but I can barely stand how cute it is. Tonight, as I ignored him (which he noticed), he inched closer and closer (while still covering his eyes) to me until he was standing next to me and touching me. I'll take this behavior ANY DAY over the screaming, throw himself on the floor, and/or hitting mommy behavior (which we still see, but I like that this new quiet pout could be the "new thing".) The hitting has really seemed to decrease as of late, though it's still completely normal for this age. Redirection and short concise explanations are key right now, as time outs don't begin to be effective or understood until between the ages of 2-3.

He's become a bit more shy recently too. He pretty much won't do ANY of the above things (at least with the language stuff) if there are too many people around. He also will hide his face when the Target cashiers try to talk to him.

He's been kissing and hugging for what seems like forever, but recently he's been grabbing my face when he gives me a kiss. It's too cute. He also now ALWAYS gives a "smooch" (he says "mooch" before he does it) after he gives hugs.

Potty training has made some ground recently. Not every time, but pretty often recently, when he has to (or thinks he has to) poop, he will sign poop and then say "poopy potty" over and over until we take him to the potty. He hasn't actually gone number one or two during these instances of asking to go potty, but at least it's another step in the right direction. (I think we went to the potty 8 times in the course of 2 hours, but no poop) He's also begun to lay on the floor after he's signed poop (but didn't really poop) and say "change"....because he wants a diaper change...just another step in the process! I vow to have this kid out of diapers before the next one comes!

I think that is all of the big changes. Crazy what one month's time can bring. He'll be two in just 3 short months! I have the birthday theme narrowed down to two ideas. I found an ADORABLE invitation idea for one theme, and adorable cakes for the other theme. We'll see what Henry is most interested in/excited about when the time comes!

As far as stats go, he weighs in at just under 25 pounds. Yes, you read that right! Last scale reading the other night was 24. 7 pounds. Some days he eats great, and other days, he doesn't. Monday night he slammed (and I mean SLAMMED) his spaghetti...nearly finished his plate. Not stressing about it, and certainly don't care that I can't brag that he eats everything in sight. I'll say no thanks to a chunky, overweight baby. He is slowly catching up and looks very healthy. Not sure on his height, probably still around the 31 and something inches or possibly 32.

16 week pregnancy update post below this post.
On to the photos!



He was mad because he saw "water" and I told him we weren't going in it.


LOVE this face.


Big, big, boy.



Showing me his eyes.







The only way he'd look at me is if I asked "Where is mommy's camera?"



Pointing at mommy's camera.





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kfiland30 said...

Love Love Love the pictures of Henry!such a big boy..

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