Going backward a little...the Park at MOA

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
In preparation for our Disney Trip, we took Henry down to the amusement park at the MOA a few days before we left in order to see how he did waiting in lines and to see if he'd even enjoy rides. It was a good idea we had.

He loved every single ride he went on (I think he went on 6). He had some trouble being all done (because, let's face it, the rides are never long enough for a child).

On the way out we saw Dora...Henry LOVES his Dora...except the person pushing the stroller didn't stop at Dora...the stroller went right on past Dora. We heard "Dora? Dora? Dora" in the saddest voice you'd ever heard while he threw his hands up in the air...all the way to the car. Needless to say, now that we know how much he loves his characters, we'll stop next time.

He loves the carosuel. Loves it.


Picture quality not great, but you can see the face he's making. He made that face the whole time.


He did a mini-roller coaster train thing with daddy.




He got grandma dizzy on Blue's Clues.



LOVED this pretty intense car ride with Bumpa.



Uncle Jake took him on the big rigs. Kids had to be sitting on the inside for all the rides, so you can't really see anything but Henry's head.



And finally, went on a "choo-choo" with Bumpa.




If you haven't been on the up and up of my unusually frequent posts in the past two days, keep scrolling for more entertainment.

1 comment:

kfiland30 said...

Oh Henry had such fun that day.. and Gramma and Bumpa had fun watching him on the rides..except Gramma got a bit dizzy on blues clues..

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