Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Our long Easter weekend took place in Winona. It began on Thursday with Henry and myself driving down by ourselves. I was a little nervous for the long car ride with pretty much no way to entertain him without pulling the car over, but he did super well. He was entertained with airplanes for a while after we passed the airport, and then took his magna doodle thing and drew "airplanes" over and over.  It wasn't so long ago when he accidently drew a circle and I had said "No way he drew it intentionally", but now, he is (but more on that with the official 21 month update in a few days). He looked at books for a while and then eventually fell asleep right before Lake City.

I went shopping all around Winona looking for things to fill his Easter Basket up with on Friday with my grandma. I wanted a Mickey Mouse coloring book or a Mickey Mouse book in general. I never found the book, and finally, at the 4th store, I found a Mickey Mouse coloring book. It was a giant 400 page one too! After seeing nothing but Mickey all over Disney for 3 days, it was weird to have a hard time finding Mickey! I also hunted all over looking for a cute Easter outfit. I thought I'd get lucky at JCPenny's...except the Winona JCPenny's is the most sorry excuse for a JCPenny's you will ever see. They had one cute carter's outfit I ended up keeping and that you will see later, but it wasn't the dressy kind of outfit I was looking for for church. I had seen a few at Target that I liked, but man, I wasn't paying $25.00 for an outfit (and they never seemed to be on sale before Easter). Luckily I found a super cute one at Shopko, but umm..totally forgot to take pictures of it. Maybe I'll put him back in it for some pictures this weekend.

Saturday morning we colored eggs. Man, did he love this! It's amazing to me how "good" he is. Yes, he definitely has his toddler moments, but for him to be doing something new and to listen to every last word/direction my mom and I gave him is simply amazing to me.

He helped put the eggs in.


He was very excited and knew all his colors.


He helped take the eggs out. He didn't bother with the wire scooper thingy. The whole hand went in!


He put them in the carton...and patted them down each time to make sure they were in.



He dipped and took out each and every one of these. We only had one small catostrophe when grandma counted 1, 2, 3, and the egg was forcefully placed into the cup in excitement...and green dye went everywhere. I think his legs were still a little green even after his bath.



Later on Saturday, we saw the Easter bunny. Seeing how great he did with the Disney characters, I went in assuming he would love the Easter Bunny...and that he did.

High fives for the bunny.


Loving the nose again.


All smiles!


Saturday evening we had Easter dinner. Henry ate a bun, some fruit salad...and...TURKEY! Yay!! Something new!!

Sunday morning we woke up to what the Easter Bunny left us and had Easter brunch at great grandma's house and then we hit the road back home. It was a nice, long, and fun Easter weekend!!

Is this Christmas or Easter? Between us and grandma/grandpa, there's a lot of loot here! Nothing big, just lots of little stuff. Coloring books, Twistables Color Crayons, a Donald Duck from Disney, big bulldozer, little bulldozer, bucket and shovels, jammies, t-shirts, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk! The shovel and yellow crayon were his favorites.




What do I take first?!


Being cute!



The yellow crayon.


If you haven't already checked it out, be sure to scroll down the next oldest post and read all about our Disney vacation!

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kfiland30 said...

Gramma and Bumpa had a blast with Henry!

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