Mommy's little helper!

Saturday, April 2, 2011
Remember this, at around 7 months?

And then this, at around 10 months?

Here is my full-fledged helper at 20 months.


He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES helping me with laundry. He helps with everything from getting the dirty clothes from our closet and bringing them out to the washer, to putting them in, handing them to me to put in the dryer, and the sequence of starting up the washer (see below). He doesn't even lose interest. He helps until I say we are all done.






And then he giggles. I love it. And he knows exactly what all of those commands mean that I put next to the photo.  He also really enjoys helping with the dishes, but there's not much he can put away that won't break on the way to the cupboard.

Let's hope this willingness to help trend continues well into middle childhood.


kfiland30 said...

Henry, Double G would be so proud of you helping Mommy with the laundry. Good job, and what a independent little boy.. I remember Mommy being such a good little helper too..

Keep up the good work..


Kelly said...

What a great little helper!

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