This is what happens when it gets above 50 degrees!

Sunday, April 3, 2011
We go outside! And, we go outside often. I can't even begin to describe how NICE it was this weekend and how NICE it was to get outside and get warmish fresh air.

Yesterday, we busted out the old coupe. We took out the bottom since he's now tall enough to navigate it a la Fred Flintstone with his feet.




He did something similar to the above that knocked the car flat on its side. Thankfully, he caught himself with his hands and only suffered a minor little scratch. It could have been so much worse.

Driving away!


Then, today, we walked down to the new neighborhood park with Kelly. When we left it was sunny, but then it got a little chilly. Henry didn't notice though. He was WAY too busy going up the stairs and down the slide, over and over. Every time he'd get off he'd say and sign either "again" or "more". He loved it, and can't wait until daddy adds the slide portion of his jungle gym to the swing set this year.




Mommy went down a few times.



Love the photo below more than words can say. Thanks for getting it Kelly! A black and white version is my current FB profile pic.


Not only did we manage to get outside this weekend, Ryan and I were also super productive this weekend (with a little Henry help too).

-From yesterday's post, all of the laundry was washed, dried, folded, and put away (even the stuff that sometimes gets left until "next time" since it's unnecessary...i.e. the Christmas tablecloth that was still at the bottom of the laundry basket). Those who know me know this is a semi-gigantic accomplishment, and it's all thanks to Henry.

-Ryan raked up all the dead grass destroyed by the voles our neighborhood is accustomed to.

-Deck furniture was hosed off and put on the deck in hopes of hanging out there in the near future.

-Ryan built a little fence around my gladiolas (that Hershey 90% destroyed last year) and a fence around my lilac bush (which Hershey also tried destroying). Both of these plants have huge meaning to me since the lilac was bought for our 1st or 2nd wedding anniversary we shared in this house and the gladiolas were from Henry from my first mother's day. Hershey pretty much pulled up most of them last year, bulb and all, but, thankfully, there's still a bunch in the bag from last year that can be replanted and still have the same meaning.

-I cleaned our kitchen from top to bottom. That felt good to get all the clutter put away.

-Ryan painted our bathroom and an accent wall in one of our spare bedrooms. You'll have to wait to see what it looks like..especially the bathroom until I can get a few towel accents and such in there.

-And, yours truly found the time for 4 blog posts in one weekend.

Ooof. Off to relax by watching the rest of the country awards. Feels so good to be so productive!


Kelly said...

I had so much fun going to the park with you and Henry yesterday! He is going to need/want that slide soon, Ryan! :)

Kelly said...

Oh PS. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that there were so many posts to see this morning!!

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