Week 15 (a few days late!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Here's the official week 15 update. I have been feeling pretty good. Getting hungrier, it seems, but no signs of sickness anymore. I'm still really tired during certain portions of the day, and actually fell asleep sitting up one day last week when I was working on our vacation photos.

I'm still definitely feeling the flutters. I am for sure that this is what they are. It feels like a feather tickling my insides.

Baby weighs in around 2.5 ounces and 4 inches long right now and the baby's legs now outmeasure the arms. All four limbs have functional joints. The baby is squirming all over the place at this point, and I'm definitely feeling a bit of that!

More and more people are asking me as I get bigger. No, they aren't asking me if I am pregnant, there are going straight to "Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" Nope...not around 20 weeks people....only 15. This is about what I looked like with Henry at 20/21 weeks though. The doctor said I looked great at our appointment last week. Heartbeat was around 152, going strong. Weight gain is going great too, in case you are wondering. I would prefer to NOT gain 45 pounds with this one, but we shall see. 40 pounds of it fell off no problem with breastfeeding and little other effort.

The big news? We have our anatomy scan scheduled for May 18th. That isn't that far away people! It's crazy how fast this is going! I honestly again, just as with Henry, would love a boy just as much as a girl...I just want another healthy, normally developing baby to be seen on the ultrasound that day.

We have the girl name picked and are still trying to narrow down the boy name. Just as with Henry, we want to be settled on it that day so that we can begin to use it and give the baby a name instead of just baby!

We are still trying to decide how we will receive the news ourselves. Now that the date is a reality, Ryan is ready for the ultrasound tech to tell us right then and there, where as I would at least rather wait, have the lady write it down and we have Kelly wrap up the little sister or little brother onesie for Henry to open in front of us. We'll see!

Henry was not digging me getting my picture taken on this day for some reason.


Look at Henry's happy face in the background!


Then it was his turn.


Two new posts below this one! Easter post and vacation post (complete with over 100 photos!)
15 weeks with Henry.


Kelly said...

You are spoiling us with post's!! :) YAY!!!

kfiland30 said...

Cute! Cannot wait for the day!

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