22 months!

Monday, May 30, 2011
Let the party planning begin! If it's not enough that we are having another baby, our first baby is going to be two! Last year at this time, as soon as school was done, I was busy putting together a variety of things for his party. This year, I've definitely started looking, and have most of my theme/ideas saved in pictures or my head, but for some reason I feel like I have more time....but I really don't. Can't wait to be at home so I can start planning and doing it all!

Back to this month. I honestly won't be able to create gigantic narratives anymore. He does something new every day, and I just can't rememer it all, but here is a very brief synopsis.

Communicaiton: still exploding. My favorite this month was "Nooo, mama" or "Nooo, dada" when we are tickling him. He's also thrown a few 3 word phrases in lately (when using please with "more juice", etc.) and today said "Dump truck off." and "Hot french fries".  He's also understanding how to actually answer some questions. If you ask him what he ate for breakfast, he's just recently been able to accurate recall the details, and today when I asked him what he wanted to eat for lunch he replied "Hot french fries". He's been getting a little better about not always needing to take our hand and show us things he wants, but I still am encouraging him to tell us first, and it seems to be working most of the time now. Yesterday when replying "Nooo." to something, he also crossed his arms. Not sure where he learned that!

He's becoming more independent! Some things he just wants to do himself, and he has finally mastered getting most pants and shorts on (for the most part). He still needs a little help to get it over the bum.

Physically, he has just started walking up the stairs without using a hand. He's been using the rail half way up for sometime, but now on our second part of the stairs, he will just brace himself with the wall (with one of us directly behind, of course). He also is learning how to better use his Little Tikes coupe car. However, someone (and I'm not naming names because I don't know who to name) taught him that it's fun to pick up his legs and go zooming down the driveway. Our neighborhood is very busy lately with contruction trucks. Not so safe.

Eating wise is still the same. Some days he mows down every meal (like yesterday) and other days we stick to our bread/grilled cheese/french fry diet. He's at 25 pounds...pretty good, I'd say. He won't go in for another appointment until he's 2. I'm very excited to see how tall he is these days.

I think that's all I have right now. Photo below, as always. He was quite the stinker, it seemed, as I had the entire army of daddy, Chris and Kelly trying to get him to smile and LOOK at the same time. Upon uploading these, it seems I did catch a few gems, even though it didn't feel like it during the "session". 2 more months of these, and then we are officially done with the monthly photos for Henry. Yes, officially done. I will certainly still take "portraits" of him worth hanging on the wall--just not every.single.month. Exhausting. We will actually have a two month break before I start the whole process over again with Baby Claire. Expect her newborn session to last all of the first week. :)












Then, we (Chris) resorted to other measures.


Dang flash didn't fire, so it's black and white.


Finally, Henry and his neighborhood gang. Getting 5 kids under 4 to all look at the same time? Impossible.


Finally, if Henry's hair looks extremely red in all those pictures above, I apologize. I think I'm having calibration issues with my monitors. The pictures look horrible on our mac and Ryan's phone, but look great on my computer. His hair isn't THAT red. ;)

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Amanda Kelley said...

The photos look good on my lap top.

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