Hello Baby Claire!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Here are the ultrasound pictures! As I said in a previous post, mommy drank a little TOO much orange juice, so our little baby girl was quite squirmy. We even saw her yawn a few times, which was so cool!

As many have gathered, the ultrasound showed a perfect, healthy baby. All parts were accounted for, and the brain, heart, spine, kidney, liver, etc. all looked as they should. With everything the tech checked off and said looked great and/or beautiful, I let out a sigh of relief every time.

Before I move onto the pictures, one huge announcement. As you can see on the blog banner, I've changed the name (for the last time). Since Henry will need to move over a tiny bit and share the spotlight, I wanted to change the name, include both babies in the banner, and get our last name out of the address (this blog comes up if someone googles me). Thus, I will soon be changing our address to:


Adjust your bookmarks accordingly. :) I'll post some reminder links on facebook when I change it.

Profile shot:


Another profile:




3D shot. A little blurry since she was squirmy, but still pretty cool!


Tiny feet!


Heart and heartbeat at 150bpm.



Yes, she's a girl! :)



kfiland30 said...

Beautiful pictures of Princess Claire.

kfiland30 said...

Beautiful pictures of Princess Baby Claire.

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