Mother's Day, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
On this, my second mother's day, we relaxed a bit, and it was fantastic.

As I was getting ready, Henry woke up, so I went to get him. I was in the middle of curling my hair, so I had half of it all messy up on top of my head with a clip, and no makeup on yet. When I stepped into Henry's room, he greeted me with a smile, followed by, "Mama, pretty!" Melt my heart. :) It was a great start to the day.

Ryan woke up EXTRA early to make homemade blueberry muffins. It apparently took 45 minutes of prep work before the muffins even made it into the oven, but man, were they good. Made from scratch and with a streusel topping. Yum! Best muffins I have ever had!


Ryan had big plans to take me (and Henry, and baby) to the Minnesota Zoo and do some flower planting later, but the weather was less than cooperative. We were all set to go, but then the rain started right as we were getting ready to leave, so we nixed those plans at the last minute. It was cold and windy and miserable, so the zoo would not have been fun for anyone.

After we waited out the sprinkles for a bit, Ryan collected a few photos of my babies and me. Henry was a bit (I mean, A LOT) cranky on this day for some reason, so we didn't quite capture a super happy Henry in many of the images, but, they are cute nonetheless.

Quick funny story. He's wearing a Spiderman t-shirt, as you will see below...why you ask, when I never cease to completely coordinate cuteness overload with outfits with these special days? A Spiderman t-shirt was surely not on my list of possible outfits.

It was this day that Henry decided he is picky about what he puts on, apparently. I tried a couple different things (a few new shirts I bought him that I haven't washed yet and were a little too big), and then I tried this one piece striped outfit he got a long time ago and I thought it would finally fit him. It was adorable, and completely matched my dress, but he wasn't having it. Wouldn't let me button the buttons on bottom and ran away at every chance he got. After giving up on that I dug around in a clean basket of his clothes (they haven't made it to his drawer, because that's how I roll), he found the treasured Spiderman t-shirt...and thus our quest for the perfect outfit ended with an enthusiastic "Spi-man on!!, Spi-man on!!" No mommy could deny that.


Tickles were the only way I could get him to smile.



I got a few kisses when I promised we would go see the birdies.


And boy, do I look a bit more happy to hug than he does.


My favorite. SO, SO glad that my husband knows how to use my camera.



Love the one on the left.


It was freaking cold, so we went back home so I could change (and just in the nick of time to discover Hershey was chewing on one of my brand new shoes I mistakenly left out). We headed to Home Depot in search of established vegetable plants for our garden (we planted the seeds the day before), and possibly a few flowers, depending on what was on sale. We left with a bunch of tomato plants and a couple pepper plants (flowers weren't really on sale yet). We planted those, the gladiola bulbs and the dahlia bulbs that I got for mother's day (complete with fences around them so that Hershey won't use them for snacks).

It was cold, Henry was cranky, and I was cranky, so after trying to recreate last year's Mother's day photo, we had a quick lunch and Henry took a 3 hour nap. 3 hours--not sure what was up with him that day, but apparently he needed it, and mommy took the opportunity to take a nearly 2 hour nap myself.

Mother's Day 2010

What a difference a year makes....


After our long naps, we ventured to one of our favorite places: Tommy's Malt Shop. Henry had already made an appearance here on Friday night with Chris and Kelly while we were at Auntie Liz's graduation. They will soon know him by name here.

Two thumbs up for Tommy's!



Helping me write his name. He sort of knows which letters come when.



Sharing our delicious strawberry, banana and pineapple malt.


Finally, we fed Henry a quick late dinner, put him to bed, and then Ryan made a delicious steak with homemade sauce. The rain had finally stopped by now, so we ate our first meal outside after Henry went to bed.

I didn't capture a photo of the steak after it was done, but here is what it looked like before going on the grill...complete with olive oil, garlic and fresh rosemary!


It was a fantastic and low-key Mother's day. I hope every mother out there had a great day!

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kfiland30 said...

Henry picking out his own clothes,
Must take after his Mommy ?

Beautiful pictures! Next year there will be two..

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