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Monday, May 23, 2011
Henry made his first trip to Target Field last Friday (May 13th). The weather wasn't fabulous, but being without a babysitter, we decided to give him a chance and take him to a night game. I bundled him up in cuteness (a Twins T-shirt, Twins jersey, red fleece, blue puffer vest, red/white/blue pajamas under it all and the cutest Twins hat you've ever seen!). I actually bought the hat for myself (because it was kid sized and cheap at Target), but after I tried it out on Henry's head, there was no way I was taking it off. Way. too. cute.

Anyway, so for those worried, Henry was plenty warm. He was actually pretty hot throughout some of the game and we had to take off his mittens. I did well and prepared well. I brought every thing under the sun I thought we'd need (including snacks, drinks, books, color book, Joe-Joe (Mauer doll), and a few small toys).

He started out a bit cranky at first, but for once in his life, it turns out he was just hungry and mowed down a little bit of chicken strips and every last french fry I gave him. So good to see this child eat once in a while. After we found our seats, he stood up for awhile while the boys got their "bewws" and then once the game started, he was quite entertained for the first 3-4 innings. However, it wasn't the game of baseball that entertained him, it was the fact that literally every minute we could see a plane taking off in the distance, and boy does this child love his airplanes. The first 3 innings were literally "Bay-bayn!! Bay-bayn!!! Bye-bye bay-bayn, bye-bye bay-bayn!!!" over, and over, and over again with more enthusiasim than the previous airplane spotted.

After that, he still pretty much remained content. Switching laps between me, daddy and Chris, muching on popcorn and goldfish. He did awesome. He even cheered a few times, and learned his last name, which comes out sounding pretty much like "def-dough!!!" I've really got to get on a video of all this cute stuff. I think I took one at the game, but I imagine the crowd noise is too loud to hear him.

Before the game, you can text a cell photo to an email address for a chance for them to show it on the big screen. Kelly and I tried this two other times, but this time, Henry and I got on!! And, Kelly snapped a photo of the big board while our picture was up there. We are on the right!

We ended up leaving in the top of the 9th (it started to sprinkle and the Twins were losing) and Henry came home with a mini-bat. He has other bats at home, but this one is 100% wood. Don't ask me how he hasn't knocked himself a good one in the face yet or really, why this one scares me more than his others. Daddy and I had a little miscommunication. He pointed out the same bat another child had, and I replied we HAD to get him SOMETHING, which he apparently interpreted as "He HAS to have that bat." Regardless, Henry's been fine with it.

Onto the photos. Ryan actually asked me if I left my camera at home while we were driving there (because of the threat of rain). I prepared myself with multiple plastic bags...no way I was going to miss out on these. As always, thanks to Kelly for any you see of all three of us.



Hello, belly!






Henry and I had an audience during these and heard many "awwws" in the small crowd (even though we couldn't get him to smile).







We are thinking the close-by speakers were too loud for him. That's our only guess for the sudden onset of this.



Sometimes, he hams it up for me. I couldn't decide on which one, so you get to see many.


LOVE this one.




The only casualty of the night. No, we didn't lose him. After I took this picture, I didn't put him away. So for the whole game, he sat stuck hanging from between the chair underneath Ryan's butt. Then, someone behind Ryan spilled beer...all over Ryan's butt and Joe-Joe. Thankfully, Joe-Joe was compeltely saved after a trip through the washing machine.


Can't wait for our next trip there. Despite how cute the hat is, let's hope we don't need it in July.

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