Wednesday, May 4, 2011
So I mentioned some exciting stuff coming my way in my last pregnancy related post. First, only exactly two weeks until we find out if I'm carrying a brother or sister for Henry. Ahh! I can't wait! If it's a girl, I can't wait to buy all those cute dresses! If it's a boy, Henry has plenty of VERY gently used clothes his brother could have...probably 6-7 rubbermaid totes, to be exact.

Back to the OTHER excitement I haven't shared on here yet. I am bursting at the seams and am so relieved that I can finally share this news as all required people have been told.

This excitement begins in October (right after baby arrives)...and it won't end until the following September. That's almost one year of excitement, folks.

What is it you ask?

It's my year long maternity leave. I can't wait to spend an extended amount of time at home with my babies, and I'm so incredibly blessed and thankful that we can do this this time around. I'll be at home with my babies for nearly an entire year. Pure happiness. :)

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kfiland30 said...

Yeah!! enjoy those babies they grow up way to fast.. I wish I could have done it..back then


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