Week 18 a few days late.

Monday, May 16, 2011
I try to get this out on time, but it is usually just too busy. Excuse the photo. For the first time in 59 weeks of pregnancy, we nearly almost forgot to take the bump photo. Thus, you see me here at 11:00pm at night after we returned from the Twins game. I look like poop. The hat had to stay on to avoid showing you my hat head.

Baby is the size of a sweet potato this week. Average height (crown to rump) 5.6 inches, weight 6.7 ounces. Baby is busy moving, yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing by this time.

Speaking of moving, this week I felt my first real kicks. Sometimes I feel a lot, and sometimes I don't feel anything for a really long time. It's not for quite a while yet, I think, where you are supposed to do "kick counts". When I first started feeling them, it was so surreal again, that I almost didn't know if it was the real deal or not...but after a week, it definitely is, and is just as amazing as it was the first time.

I'm gagging more this week for some reason...on everything from my toothbrush again to Henry's poop. Stinky smells have really been bothering me again for some reason.

I am big. People try to politely tell me I'm not big, but I am. I'm approaching the size I was with Henry at about 25/26 weeks or so. My belly has already gotten in the way of shaving my legs, and depending on how I'm sitting, my belly already rests on my legs. And, I just about have my ice cream bowl table again. This is just going way too fast. We'll be half way to 39 weeks in about a week. Really?? Will I really be close to double this size at that time?!

Of course, the gigantic news this week will be if baby is a boy or a girl. That comes on Wednesday. We have a little something planned and there will be a video posted sometime that night. However, as the day gets closer, I grow more nervous about the actual health of this child (I had a terrible dream the other night about the ultrasound), so I'm just praying that everything is as it should be. Somebody help me get through the next 44 hours.


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