22 Weeks!

Monday, June 13, 2011
The 22nd week has been a miserable one. I came down with what I thought started as severe allergies last Sunday...it then turned in to a full-fledged cold with what little immunity I have left (given that pregnancy takes a bit of it away). I have been stuffed up and clogged up since then. Saturday, while it seemed my nose stopped running, by the time I came home I had what google told me was a sinus headache. I literally cried myself to sleep it hurt so bad, I was so congested and couldn't breathe, and not willing to take Sudafed, which is apparently a grade "C" drug in terms of pregnancy (which means only take when necessary), so I slept little and was uncomfortable a lot. Yesterday and today, I've still had my ups and downs, have transistioned to a bad cough, but am still congested and have a whole head throbbing headache. I just want to feel better already! Yuck.

Aside from that, pregnancy related comfort has been fine. Claire kicks often and it's still so amazing. Yesterday, Henry was sitting next to me and I put his hand on my belly to feel the kicks. When I asked if he felt it (which I know he did, because I put my hand on top of his to be sure), he replied "Yeah". It's one of his new favorite words. We have finally transitioned from answering "no" to everything, to now being able to accuartely answer "yeah" for everything he wants to say yes to.

Back to Claire. For the 5th month of pregnancy, the "size" is stuck on a papaya for the next few weeks. That's anywhere from 10.5 inches long to 12.7 ounces in weight. I've been handling weddings fairly well, though due to this cold, I felt much worse in terms of pain coming home from this past wedding that I did the week before. Since I'm also not sleeping much, that's not helping me in terms of getting better either.

Summer is here, so I will soon be narrowing down choices for Claire's nursery! She has a nice collection of clothes going on in one of the spare bedrooms, but I think we will keep her in Henry's current room to avoid painting two rooms. (We'll keep the nursery green, and I will go with pink/brown/green type bedding). I also bought the letters for her room, but am looking for the perfect paper to go with whatever theme we decide to go with before I start those. (Plus there's this 2 year old's birthday coming up! yikes!) So much to do!

Our next doctor appointment is Wednesday. And, I think at this appointment I will be given the "juice" to drink for the following appointment when they check my glucose.

This picture is terrible. Yuck.


This one is cuter.


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