Almost 2. (23 months).

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
We almost have a 2 year old on our hands. This entire year has gone by so fast, I can barely believe it. It literally feels just like yesterday that he turned 1 year old. All those dumb cliches are so true. Everything goes too fast. The days are long, but the years are short, that is for sure. Birthday preparations are in full swing...I've completed a couple different projects, have the cake idea sketched out in my head, will finish invites this week sometime, and have all food planned out. I'm really enjoying my extra time to get things done.

As far as the 23rd month goes, he continues to change daily. Communication wise he is throwing out plenty of 2 word phrases, more and more 3 word phrases and even said a 4 word sentence today! He has a memory like a hawk and while flipping through one of his coloring books, he remembered that "GG" (what he calls my grandma now) had colored a picture in his book with him 2 weekends ago, and thus stated, with 4 words "GG color Donald Duck." Amazing. Our new favorite 3 word phrase is "Henry do it." It's not all the time, but with each day that passes, there is a new thing that Henry wants to do himself (including attempting to hang up one of daddy's shirts). His understanding of questions is quite good usually too. I can't remember if I reported last month, but we now answer "yeah" to many questions that he wants to say "yes" too. It's my fault he has the Minnesotan accent drenched "yeah", because I catch myself saying "yeah" much more often than yes...trying to get better though. He routinely follows many more directions than an almost 2 year old typically does, (though we are learning to intentionally push mommy's buttons lately). For instance, our latest thing is to walk up the first set of stairs REALLY slowly on our way up to nap time, and then he lays on his back on the landing smiling at me (while I look away trying not to laugh).

He continues to be a puzzle genius. I bought him a very similar puzzle to his treasured "digger" one, only this one has a farm scene. I kid you not, he did it once with me and once with Chris in the same day, and the following day on his 3rd time of doing it, did it completely by himself.

He knows every upper case letter of the alphabet (we finally mastered "Q"), just about has numbers 1-10 down, is learning how to count (it's so cute, because he often skips to 8--must be his favorite number), and speaking of favorites, his favorite color seems to be purple. He colors with it about 75% of the time. We've also been working on the order of the letters of his name...he currently recites excitedly "H, R, Y!"--we almost have it. Being a teacher in a preschool, I can safely and proudly say (without trying to brag too much, but hey, what is this blog for?) that he is WAY, and I mean WAY above the general curve in terms of his pre-academic concept knowledge. The things I listed above are things that he should learn in preschool and thus things he "should" know going into kindergarten...that's in 3 years folks. He simply amazes me in how fast he picks up on things and remembers things.

Favorite food right now seems to be corn on the cob (he ate nearly a whole ear yesterday!). We've also recently tried macaroni and cheese and corn dogs for the first time. I'm happy whenever he takes just one bite of something new. There are still meals/days where he doesn't eat much, but there was recently a news report on chubby babies being higher risk for obesity in childhood. Glad that we clearly don't have to worry about that. He looks healthy, and is still right around 25 pounds. Not sure where that puts him in terms of percentile, but we do all we can. We offer new foods and favorite foods and hope for the best. Some days we eat a whole ear of corn, and other days we eat a piece of toast for dinner. We are still on the pediasure and will re-evaluate that at his next appointment sometime after his birthday. I'm guessing we will stick with it, in addition to continuing with whole milk for a while, but we will see.

His favorite things to do lately are color, sidewalk chalk, riding his coupe car and pushing his lawn mower around. He also still enjoys helping with laundry and dishes and usually still cleans up all his toys when asked (and even when not asked!). I tell you, I get SO much more done around the house these days since I have a little helper.

I receive a number of comments (both in public from strangers and from friends and family) about how "good" he is. For almost being 2, he really is quite well mannered and a very good listener. He holds hands when asked, doesn't really whine or throw any sort of tantrums in public (yet), and as I said, follows a good number of directions given to him. I think he's so "good" in public because he's a bit shy...though I'm sure that may change with age.

Though I captured a number of keepers yesterday, I will only show you this one, so as not to ruin the birthday invites for family members. I'll post the rest of the photos late this weekend.


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