Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011
Last year I wrote about how wonderful Ryan was in taking 50% of the responsibility of caring for a newborn. This year, in his second year of fatherhood, he has been just as amazing, though obviously in different ways. Gone are the sleepless nights and 2am diaper changes, now replaced with chase games, book reading (ask daddy how much he LOVES Dora's Goodnight Book), snuggles, giggles, and "working" around the house (Henry will follow him around with his little drill while Ryan's using his drill). Nothing gives me greater joy than watching Henry's face light up when he screams "Dada home!" when he hears the garage door every day...or when he gives his daddy "the big hug" (as Ryan calls it) which Henry only seems to give to his daddy. Words can't describe how great it is watching Henry grow up into his daddy's little buddy, or how appreciative I am of his constant participation in the every day raising of this child. Henry couldn't ask for a better father, and I certainly couldn't ask for a better husband and co-parent. I simply can't wait to see him with his little girl in October.

Happy Father's Day....we love you :)

father's day DAD picture 2011-1

Take two. I had a very specific vision for image number 2 with the letter A, however, my vision didn't quite align with Henry's. He had his own agenda during the 15 minutes these photos were taken, and taking these photos were not on that agenda. I did what I could!

father's day DAD picture 2011 with belly

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