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Sunday, June 5, 2011
If he does one puzzle, he generally wants to do all 10 that we have out right now. I just bought him a new alphabet one (which he's now up to 20 out of 26 letters consistently identified). He likes that one and loves this "digger" one, the most advanced one he has.

Unfortunately, my memory card ran out of memory, so you really don't get to see the WHOLE thing, but aside from the little help from daddy that you clearly see with one piece, he pretty much did it all by himself...when I was messing with the camera trying to delete other stuff, I missed the two middle pieces he did, and then I totally ran out of memory again when he was doing the last two pieces. At least it's some sort of video! Excuse the classy KDWB hip hop music in the background and me getting upset that Ryan threw the dogs a ball, which distracted Henry momentarily, but totally threw him off when we tried to get this same video the other day.

I think the age on this puzzle is 3. :)

Untitled from Jenna Sefkow on Vimeo.

1 comment:

kfiland30 said...

Hey that's the puzzle I got him for Easter.. good job Henry..

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