Week 23!

Friday, June 17, 2011
Finally, at yesterday's appointment, I got official confirmation that I am indeed big. For 2 days shy of 23 weeks, my uterus measured 27 cm. For those who don't know what this is--this is the fundal height measurement (measured from top of pubic bone to the top of the uterus). Typically, you measure in centimeters what you are in weeks (give or take 1 or 2--with Henry I was dead on every time they measured me). So, doing that simple math, yes, I am showing about 4 weeks ahead. Claire is not 4 weeks ahead, my body is. My doctor assured me that this means nothing more than that she is my second baby. It doesn't mean she'll come early, it doesn't mean she'll be 10 pounds, it just means my body is ahead of the game and knows what to do.

I will just end with this. I am really (and I most certainly mean really, REALLY) all done with hearing about how big I am. Completely done. I am big. I know. I'm the one carrying this belly around. I don't need to be continually reminded anymore about how big I am. So over it. I will get bigger, the summer will move on and get hotter, and I will get more uncomfortable and crabby than I already am. Continually being subjected to the comments on my body will not help with my crabby meter. *Jumps off soap box*.

In other news, my weight gain is less at this time than what it was with Henry, so that's good, her hearbeat was great and aside from the cold that is slowly making it's way out of here, I feel pretty good. Tired, and a heavy belly, but good.

We have decided to keep Claire in the nursey and will be moving Henry out at some point. I bought this beautiful brown and pink tree decal that goes on the wall that will be a perfect girly touch to the green room. We'll add some pink/green/brown bedding and some other girly stuff on the wall and call it a day.

Henry's room, we've decided, will likely have a baseball theme, as it is the only thing we think will stick with him until he's ready for a teenager room. We will probably start that whole process pretty soon...and once there's a bed in there, getting him aquainted with it by reading stories and taking naps in it first before we take the 11 hours of straight sleep at night plunge.

Back to pregnancy. Here's the belly. Henry wasn't interested today.


Compared to Henry's 27 week belly.


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kfiland30 said...

what color is that wall ?

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