Week 24!

Friday, June 24, 2011
Before I go ANY further....there are 8, yes, 8 new posts below this one. Since I've never posted this much ever, I'll put some links in so you don't miss anything. If you're wondering how on Earth I did this many posts in one night, it's because I completely finished all client work on my plate yesterday (just in time for another big bang of 4 sessions, including a wedding this weekend), which is obviously why I was this behind in blog posts to start.









Back to Baby Claire! The website I get size info from has the same info from weeks 22-24, so she is still approximately the size of a papaya. Since I'm measuring 4 weeks ahead or so, I have to keep reminding myself that I'm still back here at 24 weeks--even though I look and feel like I did when I was approaching the 30th week with Henry. And of course, continually need to answer the due date question to everybody, including random strangers at McDonald's and Petco.

I'm more uncomfortable lately, as is expected, and am having more difficulties getting up off of the floor. I rarely feel comfortable standing for too long anymore, and have to bust out a lawn chair when Henry and I are playing in the front yard. Way too uncomfortable to sit on the ground.

She is still kicking up a storm and has been active constantly on some days. I haven't been sleeping very well again (even though my cold is completely gone and I can breathe and hear again). I've even noticed her moving quite a bit when I'm laying awake at night sometimes.

Henry definitely can 100% of the time answer "Where is baby Claire?" (and points to my belly) and says "Baby Claire"...it is so cute. He also gives my belly a kiss before his nap time every day now.

Nothing much else is new with baby. I'm off to search Target.com for sheets for her crib. They only have a solid green with butterflies and a purplish one with butterflies in our store up here.


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Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME!!! I've been checking everyday waiting. haha Made my night! :)

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