28 Weeks!

Monday, July 25, 2011
Nearing the end of the 20's. Holy cow. Our daughter will be here before we know it! I'm pretty uncomfortable, don't sleep, my legs hurt all the time, and I'm starting to waddle slightly because she must be getting lower (and bigger, obviously) and I'm starting to hurt. I pretty much don't sleep, I'm hungry all the time and she kicks around like crazy, and as it seems lately, mostly at night when I'm not sleeping.

Claire is likely approaching close to 3 pounds and is gearing up to be about the size of a squash. I can tell. Especially when moving around.

Her room is getting its likely final touches tonight and then hopefully I'll share a picture of it. I kept it pretty simple.

As far as being prepared otherwise, we are set on basic onesies and pants for the first few months, have a number of sweaters that will fit her well after Christmas (love clearance deals!) and I've picked up a few cute hats and obviously you've seen the headbands I've been making. We have two sleepers (so we'll need to get lots more of those--Henry had plenty but they all had cars and trucks and stuff on them...Claire isn't wearing those--just like there's no way if Claire was here first would Ryan have let me put his baby boy Henry in pink polka dot sleepers ;) ) and we don't have any socks. That, and we are still in the market for a tandem stroller. I've been looking at Once Upon a Child for them (I'm fine with buying used, but we have certain things in mind that we want and we haven't come across it just yet). Otherwise, I think we have most things we need (everything needs to come up sometime in September and get a good wash down--pack and play, swing, bouncy seat, car seat, etc.), but that will come later. I also want a few pink receiving blankets and burp cloths (just so I'm not always carrying around bright blue ones in public).


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kfiland30 said...

You are beautiful !

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