Another smooth transition?

Monday, July 11, 2011
This child has pretty much been the definition of an "easy baby". He never took a paci, so we never went through that transition. He slept through the night and pretty much stayed that way beginning just shy of two months, I think. He transitioned away from breastfeeding, formula, and the bottle with little effort on our part. He is easy going, throws his tantrums, but from what I've seen in public at times, he's a pretty good kid.

So there was a part of me that thought this toddler bed transition would be hell (because of other stories I've heard), and another part of me (based on all of the above) that it would be relatively easy for our smart little boy. Not that I'm turning the page on this chapter quite yet (though my fingers are crossed), but here's where we are:

The bed was up for a solid week. He liked going to his "new room" and seeing the blue walls, would lay on his bed and pretend to go "nigh-nigh" for 4 seconds, but when given the choice during the first week, he chose the crib each time.

Yesterday, we went to the beach and he fell asleep in the car on the way home. Ryan got him out of the car and put him straight into the big boy bed. Didn't wake up at all. Since he didn't put himself to sleep, that one obviously didn't count, but it was exciting, nonetheless.

Here's the big boy napping yesterday.

And I would seriously die without this new monitor. Not sure at all why we didn't get one of these 2 years ago.


Then, after his bath, he obliged to sleep in his big boy bed for the night. He laid there for about 30 minutes without making a peep (but still completely awake) after daddy left the room. Once the 30 minutes were up, he starting crying for daddy and we gave it a few minutes since he wasn't getting up out of the bed (or even sitting up for that matter). Finally, Ryan went in and he tried to comfort him a bit. Henry asked to "see mommy" and then I went in and comforted him. I rubbed his back for a while until he calmed down into what looked like an almost sleep and I kissed him goodnight. He cried and cried while I went to the door, so I went back and gave him a few more minutes. Then I stood by the door for about 5 minutes (maybe a little more). He wasn't crying or anything. I shut the door and left, and within 5-10 minutes he was sleeping with not another peep until 6am. It's a fine line on whether or not you should go in or not with the crying, but I want him to feel both secure and know that yes, we will come, and if all it takes is me standing at the door for 5 minutes for a little while, I'm down with that. I've heard much worse horror stories.

Without natural light coming in like it was in the above picture, it was really hard to get a picture of a monitor. But here he is sleeping in the bed last night!


Daddy came home over lunch to fix some outlets today and we sat upstairs watching him (Henry's version of "watch" sounds much like a different word, unfortunately). After about 15 minutes Henry asked to go "nigh-nigh" and went straight for the big boy room. I gave him a kiss and walked toward the door. He started whining a little bit, so I stood by the door. This time, he thought it was funny and just kept sitting up and saying "mommy" "mommy". I went back in to calm him down by stroking his back and head again, and after a few minutes of that, I stood by the door again for about 5 minutes and he was asleep. That was over an hour ago already. Sucess!

I didn't sleep last night at all really. I had trouble falling asleep because they were saying big storms were coming. I then woke up at about 1, 3:30, 4:15, 5:00, and finally six when he woke up. Despite my worries, he was fine the whole night. I think the biggest reason for this going so well is that he is and has been such a good sleeper. We definitely have that on our side.

I also tell him that when he wakes up, he can say "mommy, come get me" and I will come get him. (I kind of want to teach him he needs to stay put until one of us comes to get him--it worked for one of the moms I talked to).

2 naps down, 1 whole's to the rest of this week looking that good!

Baby Claire's week 26 post below!

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