Thursday, July 14, 2011
So I failed the 1 hour glucose test yesterday. Awesome. Here is all I know right now:

Tomorrow morning I have to take the 3 hour version. I go in at 8, they draw my blood, I drink a more concentrated beverage, and then they draw my blood three more times as each hour passes. I have to be at the clinic for three straight hours. Since I'm not lucky enough like so many of you to have a Kindle, Ipad, smart phone, etc. etc., I guess I'll be buying a few magazines to keep me company during this time.

My doctor did not seem too concerned. He said that I "barely failed", and that many women go on to pass the 3 hour test. For the 1 hour test, I did not need to fast, for this one, I do.

From what I've read, if you "fail" at least 2 out of the 3 blood draws, they diagnose you with gestational diabetes. I've been googling like crazy, which I probably shouldn't be, as it's making me more worried, but here's a decent site I found with good (but nerve wracking) info. The thought of developing pre-eclampsia during this pregnancy, or putting Claire at any risk, or developing diabetes later in life myself all scares me.

If I do wind up having it, my doctor said that 90% of women can manage it just fine with a modified diet, exercise and blood sugar checking at home. 10% need medication and/or insulin to manage it.

One of the concerning things is that the baby can get too large (though I'm having a C-Section anyway), so is this possibly why I'm measuring large? (despite my doctor constantly saying it's purely because it's my second). Which, by the way, I measured 30 cm yesterday, so I slightly closed the gap on my measurement vs. number of weeks. (I was 4 weeks ahead at the last appointment).

I won't know the results of this test until Monday.

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