Friday, July 8, 2011
Transitions have pretty much ruled my life for the last three years. Given my full time job, all we talk about are transitions it seems...transitioning little wee 3 year olds to my preschool program, transitioning my "grown up" 5 year olds to kindergarten, transitioning away from favorite activities, transitioning to new or unexpected things, etc. etc. etc. It's the life of a preschool teacher (especially a special ed. one). So I know transitions. I know that you need well thought out preparation, especially for big transitions. Knowing that I *think* I know what to do in order to make it smooth (specifically regarding the transition to a new room and toddler bed), since I'm in the parent role and not the teacher role, it scares the crap out of me. I like Henry in his crib. I know he's safe, and he sleeps all night. He's never even tried to get out...until the day we set up the toddler bed.

You see, Ryan isn't an ECSE teacher. Bless his heart, but he doesn't deal with this stuff day in and out for 9 months out of the year. He set up Henry's bed in his current room and gave him the choice of where he wanted to sleep for his nap that day. Henry chose the "new bed", and of course as we shut the door, started screaming. Ok, we will put you in your crib. Henry screams bloody murder in his crib and attempts to crawl out for the first time ever (that we know of, I guess). We only knew because we were right outside the door testing out our new video monitor for Claire. Thankfully, he took a normal nap a little bit later after we gave him a little break. Obviously, this isn't going to magically happen overnight.

We have since painted the room blue and moved the empty bed into the new room. His "digger" bedding has shipped, and we will try nap time once that arrives and it can be his new "digger" bed...slightly more motivation than the polka dot sheet he currently has on his matress. And, we also need another matress.

Speaking of that polka dot sheet...we awoke last night to blood curdling screams of "Mommy, mommy, mommy!!" (which is a brand new transition in and of itself--he now calls Ryan "daddy" about 80% of the time and calls me "mommy" about 40-50% of the time--it is WAY too cute) As I typed above, this kid rarely wakes when he does, it's pretty abnormal and we go check on him. So I jump out of bed as fast as my belly will allow and rush in and flip the light on. There sits Henry in the corner (tightly pressed upon it while bringing one foot down, which leads me to believe he was again trying to crawl out--the brand new video monitor needs to be exchanged--it stopped working, so we didn't have that to see what was going on). Since he looked fine, I flipped the lights back off and started to console him. I asked him "What's wrong, or what happened?"--one of the two, and he very clearly pointed to his matress and cried "Bug!" Either he woke up and thought the polka dots were bugs or had a very bad dream about a bug.

I brought him into bed with us and he snuggled me tighter than he ever has before (like pressed his face up against my face and kept touching my arm and face to make sure I was still there). After 30 minutes of him flip flopping around and obviously not putting himself back to sleep successfully, I asked if he wanted to go back to his crib and he replied "yeah". He went down without a fight and slept until 6:30. Mommy was really tired this morning, because as it seems, right after Henry went back to bed, Claire woke up and started kicking like crazy, so there I sat awake for a good hour if not longer.

Seems so odd that the week we buy the new bed is the first week he twice attempts to break out of the crib. I'm really hoping this "digger" stuff is motivating. They say to start with naps, which we will do (as well as read stories on it), and to have a pretty much bare room (there shouldn't be any distractions when trying to fall asleep), so for now, he will have the bed, a rug and some stuff up on his wall. I'm going to try to redo his Henry letters with some "digger" construction paper (haven't found it yet), and find some digger decals to put on the wall, and that will be it for the time being.

Here's the boy helping daddy put the bed together.





Mickey was busy helping too.


He knew what it was for.





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