Week 27

Friday, July 15, 2011
The appointment this morning was pretty crappy. I had to fast (including water), so being pregnant and hungry didn't help to start. I was already feeling light headed and a bit of nausea. This second drink was much more syrupy and that itself almost made me throw up. You have to drink these drinks within 5 minutes, so being someone who is definitely a "sipper" on drinks, that was really hard for me too, especially since it tasted way worse than the first one on Wednesday. They put me in a room so I could lay down if I wanted. After the blood draw, I started to really feel sick so I laid down for that hour, nearly fell asleep during the 2nd hour and was sure I was going to vomit by the time the 3rd hour was finished and I was geting my fourth and final blood draw. I kept myself occupied with my magazines when I didn't feel like vomit was going to come at any second. And let me tell you, trying to comfortably lay on a clinic bed is pretty much impossible. The nurse gave me some juice and crackers after the final blood draw and I was to wait until I was comfortable enough to drive.

She said they will call right away if it's abnormal, but this nurse said that it might not be as early as Monday that I will hear anything. Really? Not only do I have to wait all weekend, but you're telling me you can't get it to me by Monday? Ugh.

After I finished my two celeb magazines I picked up at the gas station, I started reading through "Fit Pregnancy" that they had in my room. Definitely not the magazine to read as I sat there contimplating the possibilty that I may have gestational diabetes, have gained too much weight and feel as if I have been robbed of the "you look great" and "you have such a cute bump" phase/comments because nobody can focus on anything except how large I am, or choose to say nothing at all. Fit Pregnancy magazine = slightly more than very depressing.


At 27 weeks, Claire is around 2 pounds and 14.5 inches. She may begin to slowly rotate into her head down position (which is irrelevant anyway). Other things to note for the 27th week, Claire's lungs are already capable of breathing air!

Definitely some action going on in Claire's nursey--but no pictures until it's more complete. And our big boy has slept in his big boy "digger bed" for 6 consecutive naps and 5 consecutive nights with no problems. We stand by the door for maybe a minute now and he's fine with us leaving. Such a big boy!

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there Jenna! Everything will work out.

PS. I think you look beautiful with your baby bump!

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