The "H" Show.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
As Ryan and I finished up the dishes last night, I turned around and saw this.



What was he watching so intently?


He calls it the "H" show (because "H" is his favorite letter, I think). He'll call out all the letters and how many there are, i.e. "Mommy, 3 H's!!!!".

For some reason he loves this show. The only other thing I really let him watch regularly is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Every day at 7am. He loves that show. The "H Show" is a close second", though that's not typically on much as it's on right during dinner time. So when we are finished with dinner by 6:30 and it gets put on, he gets very excited. Hopefully all the interest in letters means he'll be reading before kindergarten.

A big ol' 31 week post below (and the "big ol'" refers to my giant-ness, not the length of wording in the post). Hopefully this will tide you over until I get the pictures from this weekend up.

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