Week 29 and Week 30!

Friday, August 5, 2011
So it got to the point in the week where I figured I would just post the week 30 picture and week 29 picture together. I was a little busy last weekend. :)

Anyhow, I'll just update you in general on what's been going on in the pregnancy world, some of which is old news, and some of which is new.

First, here is last week's photo...fresh off nearly 6 hours of cake baking and decorating. I'm surprised you can't even see the chocolate that was spilled all over my bump.


And here is today, at 30 weeks. That means we are 9 weeks and 3 days away from meeting baby Claire (presuming she doesn't come until our scheduled day of October 10th). Who knows? She could decide to arrive towards the end of September instead. However, given that Henry needed to be nudged out, I'm not holding my breath on any arrival during the 37-39th week.


According to the books, Claire is likely somewhere in the 3 pound range, approximately the size of a squash. She could also be anywhere from 15 inches long to nearly 18 inches long (Henry was only 19.5 inches long at birth). White fat deposits are forming beneath the skin, she is settling into sleep and waking cycles, and all five senses are finally functional, and the brain and nervous system are going through major developments at this point.

As for myself, breathing is difficult. I can feel that she is very, very close to being able to reach my ribs. I remember with Henry I would try to wiggle and maneuver around to get his foot/feet off of my ribs, and it usually didn't do much good. She is still kicking all the time like crazy, and I can definitely tell when it's either a foot or a hand (for some reason, I remember never being able to tell with Henry).

I had an appointment last Friday where I measured in at 31 weeks (though it was a different doctor), so that closes my gap down to just two weeks ahead (which is within the normal range--as they say +/- 1 or 2 weeks is normal).

I stopped wearing my wedding rings weeks ago, right before the heat wave of the decade hit. Good thing I did, as I'm sure they would have been stuck. I don't appear to have cankles yet, but I'll give it a few more weeks. I'm pretty sure I had them right around now with Henry.

Those pants I'm sporting in the 30 week picture?--they are "gauchos". Definitely from all the way back in 2005, when they were trendy. Not so sure they are trendy now, but for whatever reason, I hung on to them (one in brown and one in black). Thank goodness I did, because they are pretty much the only two pairs of pants/capris that fit me. I hate shorts, skirts cause chaffing, and it's obviously been too hot for pants. Aside from those, I've been living in maternity "wife beater" tank tops (in all shades of colors, not just white) when it's just Henry, Ryan and me around. I did score a couple pretty tank tops today on clearance, so at least I can switch it up a bit...and throw some sweaters over them for school, as I have NO idea what I'll be wearing for the 5 weeks I have to work. My largest maternity items are the wife beater tank tops, as it was summer time when I was obviously at my largest with Henry.

Funniest moment this week was on Sunday when we went to the beach with Adam, Liz, Liz and Ryan's cousin Diana. While we waited for the rest to get there, a woman commented on how gorgeous Henry was. As I turned around to give her an awkward thank you, she then exclaimed "Wow! Look at you! You look like you 'bout ready to tip over". :) I don't think I said anything back, just gave her a small smile.

I got a cramp in my butt today, much like I remember getting with Henry. While we walked around the mall, I all of a sudden got a shooting pain down my leg and up my butt into my back. I literally couldn't walk, it hurt so bad. I think there's a proper name for this, but I can't remember what it is. It happened again at home just now and it is really, really uncomfortable.

That is about it, I think. I have another appointment already next Wednesday (I'm seen every two weeks now). I need to order one last thing for Claire's room, and I think it should be good to go. It feels like we aren't prepared and have a bunch to do, but really, I think we just need to wash all the clothes/sheets/etc, and the swing, pack and play, etc, and buy some newborn diapers.

Not pregnancy related, but for those curious about Henry's latest doctor's appointment, here it is.

He had his blood drawn for lead (which he did amazing with), and had one last shot (a second round of the Hepatitis A vaccine he first got at 18 months). Aside from flu shots, he is done with shots until his kindergarten shots.

He weighed in at exactly 25 pounds and was 33 and 1/4 inches tall. He got to stand on the big boy scale this time. He's been sitting at 25 pounds for a while now, so that was no surprise. He is now on the "big boy growth chart" and sits back down at the 15%tile for both height and weight. We had to see a new pediatrician, as our regular one is gone on a mission trip. I liked this guy alright, and it was nice to get a different perspective. His first words when he came in were "Well, he's not a big guy, is he?"

Since everything was checked at 18 months and came back normal, he said there are very few things left to rule out aside from the small and short genes he got from me, one of which being a possible growth hormone deficiency.

As I haven't discussed on the blog before, Henry has a difficult time getting messy at meal times. It depends on his mood, depends how hungry he is, and it depends on what it is. However, in general, he tends to fuss over messy hands and it distracts him from digging into his food. We have discovered that it's actually contributing to the amount he is willing to eat. If he were given a piece of pb and j toast to eat on his own, he would maybe eat about 1/2 of it. One day, Ryan fed it to him so he didn't have to touch it and the kid woofed down two whole pieces. We've seen this play out with pizza and a few other things as well. Though it's pretty much taking a backward step by "feeding" him some meals, we're more concerned with him eating, so we do it when he asks (and he will ask us to help or hold something). I brought this concern up with our ECFE teacher, who suggested bring it up to the pediatrician and to the Early Intervention Birth-3 people (she had no idea what I did for a living). Given that I know how kids qualify for services in B-3, Henry would never qualify. You only need to qualify in one developmental domain for B-3, but since Henry is average and above average in all other adaptive skills, there's no way he'd qualify.

This is turning into a book.

Thankfully, there are private services available that you can pay for through insurance. Thus, after telling the pediatrician about this latest issue contributing to the small guy size, he gave us a referral to get evaluated for occupational therapy services. We won't be able to start the process until Ryan's new insurance with the new job takes effect (which isn't until September 1st.) So, we'll see where that takes us. The doctor said we should try this out first and see how it goes and we can re-evaluate whether or not it's helping or if he's still struggling to gain weight. Though he did say that as long as he still follows the curve (even if it means traveling up the curve VERY slowly), he won't be too concerned until he starts to drop off and not follow the curve anymore.

We're also continuing on the whole milk and pediasure (though now that I think about it, I forgot to ask at what point we would consider dropping one or both of those since he's not seen for an entire year). The doctor did say we could bring him in in 6 months for a growth check if we wanted (which seems SO far away).

I think that's it. I bet this post was way longer than you expected it to be.

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Sarah Helfinstine said...

Thanks for the update on both you/Claire & Henry! I was wondering how Henry's growth has been going. I don't know if you've read my blog at all, but Abby's also super-tiny. Since she's just 6 months right now and is staying 'on' the growth curve (and by 'on,' I mean below, but still growing at the same rate), the doctor is not concerned. She can pack in the food, but apparently has some crazy metabolism going on or something--only 12 lbs. at her 6-month appointment!
I can't wait to see pictures of Claire's nursery when you get it all finished!

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