Week 31!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
I thought I'd get this up earlier this week. I turned 31 weeks on Friday. We are definitely on the downward slope of this pregnancy, as after this Friday, I can consider myself 8 months pregnant!

Claire is still likely sitting around the high end of 3 pounds, possibly approaching 4 pounds and is around 18 inches long.

I am much more uncomfortable, feel more pain in all areas there are to feel pain, and in general am starting to feel very heavy and pregnant. Everything else is getting very pregnant too, such as my legs, as pants are getting tighter and tighter. Good thing I found some good deals on some dresses to get me through my work weeks (which, by the way, begins in less than 2 weeks. Where did my summer go??) It's hard to believe that these are my last few days with just Henry and mommy.

It's about time to gear up and really finish any cleaning and organzing I plan to do, because let's face it, not much will get done when I'm back at work and 9 months pregnant. Henry and I have been pretty good with the upkeep around here, we just have to keep it up in case Claire decides to make an earlier surprise arrival. I should probably start washing all her stuff, just in case.

I had an appointment last Thursday at 30 weeks, 5 days and I measured 32 weeks--so again, I'm sitting right at a normal measurement, even though I look at this picture and wonder where 8 more weeks of growth is going to go.

The doctor felt my legs (which still constantly hurt, especially at night) and said I had decent swelling already, so I was advised to kick my feet up as much as possible (Ryan, take note.) You can see how swollen my feet, ankles and legs are in this week's picture (it's subsided a bit now, as we were outside all weeekend, so I would say I haven't reached the semi-permanent status of cankles just yet.)

My next appointment is next Wednesday at about 33 weeks, another 2 weeks later at 35, and after that I am seen every week until October 10th rolls around. Now that August is half over, summer is ending, and school is starting, the word "October" doesn't seem so far away anymore.


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