Week 32!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Behind again, as usual. I can easily blame it on how busy I was this weekend with my photography business. 7 sessions (1 that had two parts) in 4 days. Most I've done at one time, ever...let alone 8 months pregnant. I was exhausted at the end of it.

Nothing new on what her size could be. Probably around 4 pounds, which is what I think I said last week.

I'm getting pretty close to super uncomfortable. Sleep doesn't exist most nights, and it takes all the energy I have to flip myself over and around my body pillow. Some nights, I just give up. I also can't make it the whole night without having to get up and go to the bathroom.

Getting up off the floor is more difficult, and there are no longer very many ways I can sit upright and still be able to breath normally.

I've been editing photos for the past 3 hours, and I'm pretty sure Claire's foot has not left my ribcage. Other than that, her movements seem to be transitioning to more "pushes" as opposed to full fledge kicks (as she must be running out of room), as well as movements where it feels like she's dragging her foot/hand across my whole belly, really slowly.

I've been having the Braxton Hicks contractions here and there (which is what I assume they are). They are just briefly uncomfortable and do not hurt at all.

Aside from that, it's now crunch time. A few days left to get things organized before I'm back at work for the next 5 weeks, laundry to wash (and new laundry detergant to buy again--we switched to regular Tide a while ago because I was sick of using the free and clear stuff and not having that "fresh laundry" smell). Back to the Dreft or another sort that is free and clear. We also have to get the spare bed out of Claire's room.

Since I'm now measuring closely to the number of weeks I am, the comments of me being due any day or gasps that were occuring when I said "October" have dwindled to almost nothing. However, the new conversations have to do with how I will be giving birth to Claire.

*Steps up on soap box.*

When people ask me when I'm due these days, I answer "She's coming on October 10th, unless she decides she's ready to come before that." That answer gets people wondering/assuming I'm having a planned C-Section, which is then followed by the whys--both of this baby and my first baby.

I honestly didn't put too much thought into this decision before I made it. I read a few things about the risk of a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) and made what I feel, is a very good choice. Here's one little blurb:


By Mayo Clinic staff
VBAC poses potentially serious risks, including:
  • Failed attempt at labor. Labor results in a repeat C-section for 20 to 40 percent of women who attempt VBAC, often because the baby doesn't tolerate labor.
  • Uterine infection. If you must have a repeat C-section after labor has begun, you face a slightly higher risk of C-section complications — such as a uterine infection — than if you had a planned repeat C-section.
  • Uterine rupture. Rarely, the uterus may tear open along the scar line from a prior C-section. If your uterus ruptures — either before or during labor — an emergency C-section is needed to prevent life-threatening complications, including blood loss, infection and brain damage for the baby. When delivery takes place in a hospital equipped to handle such emergencies, rarely is the baby at risk. In some cases, however, the uterus may need to be removed (hysterectomy) to stop the bleeding. If your uterus is removed, you won't be able to get pregnant again.
For some women, pelvic floor problems also are a concern. The weight and pressure of pregnancy can weaken the pelvic floor muscles that support the uterus, and vaginal delivery may stretch the pelvic floor muscles even farther. This can lead to temporary urinary incontinence.

So, they are saying that I could go through the same type of process as last time? Attempt labor "naturally" and yet still have a 40% chance of it ending the same way it did with Henry? Point number one for repeat, planned c-section.

Uterine rupture? Life threatening complications? Point number two and three for repeat, planned c-section.

Emergency situations such as blood loss, infections, brain damage for the baby? Point number four for repeat, planned c-section.

Risk of hysterectomy and loss of ability for future pregnancies? Point number five for repeat, planned c-section.

That's five points for a repeat C-section and zero points for a VBAC.

Everyone has their own views and beliefs and desires on what they want their birth experience to be. Honestly, my experience with Henry wasn't what I had imagined or planned, but my recovery was easier than I could have imagined.

It seems incredibly stupid to me to even attempt to labor "naturally" again with the odds pretty high that I would have something happen as it did last time (a day long attempt at labor that stalls and ends in a c-section due to the cord being wrapped all around Henry--in case anyone forgot).

So, no. I didn't and won't consider a VBAC. I don't feel it makes me less of a woman because my babies will be surgically removed from me rather than being pushed out.

*Steps off soap box.*

And, last week's photo. This isn't the official 32 week photo. I looked worse than poop at the end of that day when we took it (but we still took it for the sake of taking it). The one you see here is 31 weeks, 6 days. Close enough.


I promise to hopefully get the rest of these photos up, as well as some other adorable ones I took of Henry on Monday, and the pictures from our camping adventure the other weekend. I'm working as fast as I can!

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