Week 33!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Still plugging away at this being pregnant thing. People are starting to ask me if I'm ready, which honestly, no, I am not. I'm going on 34 weeks people. Claire needs to keep baking for 5 more weeks (or, at minimum, 3 weeks to get to the "full term" status of 37 weeks)...so, no, I'm not ready.

I haven't the slightest idea on her size. Somewhere around 4-5 pounds I'm guessing. At my appointment last Thursday I measured exactly 33 cm, 1 day shy of being 33 weeks, so I'm measuring completely normal and completely as I did with Henry. Probably looking at another average to slightly above average size baby again.

I went back to school yesterday. While it will be 5 weeks of work, I counted actual student contact days I will have, and that is only 24 or something like that. It will fly by...especially considering I have 2 weddings yet this month (the last being at 37 weeks--yes, with a second shooter/emergency backup completely in place).

I have to pick up a couple canvases and paint them for her room and order some of the previous posted maternity pictures, and then her room is good to go. I have off Thursday and Friday of this week, so I'm hoping to get the jump on the laundry (although there isn't much, as Claire sits right now without any little socks/booties and only 5 sleepers). Henry lived in his sleepers the first month or two, and we went through at least 3 each day with spit up and poop explosions, so we really need more than 5. I just can't seem to find many on sale.

I've been getting more Braxton Hicks contractions the last few days too. I won't get checked until 36, or maybe even 37 weeks, so I have no idea if they are just practice or what, or if they are doing anything yet at this point.

Breathing continues to get more difficult. I carried Henry up the stairs yesterday for the first time and I thought I was going to collapse at the top of the stairs. Definitely won't be doing that again. I knew there was a reason I was making him walk and hold my hand places all summer. Heartburn comes and goes, though no where near what it was for Henry.

Oh yeah. Stretch marks have appeared 3-4 weeks earlier than they did with Henry. And not just one or two...they came in with a bang. And they itch.

When I'm not at school, editing photos, or playing with Henry, I spend my time eating ice cream and cookies.

That is about it. Next appointment is next week.


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