Sunday, September 25, 2011
Finally captured his "singing" on video. Lucky for me (and all you readers), Henry decided to start singing and playing piano all on his own tonight. Enjoy :)

Week 36, Week 37 and a second trip to Labor and Delivery

Saturday, September 24, 2011
Backing up to week 36:


and Week 37, yesterday.


I had my last doctor appointment on Wednesday where I was 2cm dilated, 40% effaced, and baby Claire is at -2 station. (Not anywhere near the lowest she can be, but she is definitely sitting low and I can feel it). The doctor doesn't think I will make it until the 10th, but he says you never know.

Yesterday, we took our second trip to the hospital. As we sat down at dinner at the Olive Garden (coincidently where I had my "last meal" the night before Henry was born), I started getting really hard, but not painful contractions every 2.5 minutes...boom, just like that. I had probably over 15 in an hour (and they say to call now if you have 12 or more). So I called and because they were so close together, they had me come in again. By the time we got there, they had slowed down, I was still dilated to a 2, 40-50% effaced and was sent home after an hour and a half or so. No baby yet.

Apple Orchard: 2011 Edition

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
I know you were all (and by all, I'm thinking that there must only be about 5 readers left anyway) sick of seeing the vomit post being the most recent post, so I finally got my butt in gear and finished at least the apple orchard photos. Turns out I'm 9 months pregnant, cranky, uncomfortable, and tired and all I want to do when I get home from work is lay on the couch. I know people mean well, but remember the 4 things I just listed when you want to ask how I am. That is how I am 24/7 (9 months pregnant, cranky, uncomfortable, and tired) doesn't change from day to day. I was also going to post last week's 36 week bump, but I figured I would wait until after tomorrow morning's appointment.

Anyway, on to the most adorable orchard photos you will ever lay your eyes on. We checked out a new one--Minnetonka Orchards because they had free admission. While we weren't impressed with the layout of the orchard itself (and it wasn't very scenic like last year's), the zestar apples were in abundance and absolutely delicious. See for yourself--Henry has an apple in his hand in a bunch of the pictures! We mentioned the possibility of apple picking early on that day and all day he kept bringing up "Pick apples? Henry pick apples?!" Oh he was so excited. I love apple picking and am glad I have all of these images to remember what will likely be one of our last outings as a family of three.

Henry munched on apples practically the whole time, loved the hay ride and animals, and they even had an old wooden train to play on. He was in heaven!

For those that don't know, Henry is attached to the gray hat (not so much lately, I guess though). But up until 1 week or so ago, this hat went on his head at 7:30 and didn't leave his head unless he was sleeping. It will soon no longer fit him and I'm still kicking myself for not buying a very similar one at Baby Gap a few months ago when I saw it on clearance (same place the current hat came from).

Funny enough, last year's orchard trip was when the hat made it's original debut on his head. Take a trip down memory lane and look at those cute photos too. So much change in one single year. Hard to believe that the next time I write about a trip to the apple orchard we will have a 1 year old and a preschooler. It was such a fun time! Can't wait until next year!

Apple Orchard: 2010 Edition



Henry clearly inherited his grouch face from somebody. ;)



An apple within his reach! Last year he stayed in the wagon, this year he helped daddy find lots of apples!








It honestly can't get any cuter than this. 


Oh wait, yes it can.


Ignore the fact that my giant face takes up half of the frame. I'm trying to. 




Love his apple eating faces.





This girl came up to him and said "What would you like to order?". Henry replied with this face. Better work on our play skills before preschool next year.


Haha! It CAN get even CUTER!



He loved the giant pile of hay. And all the animals. The duck was his favorite. 


Don't worry. Ryan was close. You just can't see him.



Tuesday, September 13, 2011
This post is about puke. Don't read it if you don't want to know details on our family's first encounter with it.  Thankfully for you, this is one of those rare posts without a picture. If you want to know the latest update on pregnancy, you need to scroll all the way to the bottom.

I hate puke. Hate it. Ryan hates puke. Hates it. Not that anyone likes puke, but I think I have a particular phobia to it. I'd rather lay around all day/night with the most gut wrenching pain for hours on end before I attempt to actually throw up. Seeing it, hearing it and smelling it make me want to gag. We have discussed a few times how we would handle our first "vomit" with Henry (aside from all the spit ups as a baby, because that just isn't the same) since we both equally have a strong dislike for it. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've thrown up as an adult. Likewise for Ryan.

Our Sunday was a typical day. Ryan and I spent the day organizing, cleaning and doing general baby prep stuff. Henry had a normal day. Didn't eat much lunch, had a decent snack and a pretty typical supper. Went to bed as normal. During our cleaning rampage, Ryan removed the video monitor from Henry's room (because he said we need to ween ourselves off of it) and put it in its permanent spot in Claire's nursery. I decided I couldn't live without any connection to Henry during the night, so I put his old sound-only monitor in his room so we could have something. This, I later learned, was quite the good idea.

As I worked in the basement that night on photography sessions, I thought to myself that this old monitor is really loud, was picking up a lot of background noise, and it seemed that Henry was moving around and making noise more than usual, but didn't think much of it. Sometimes it takes him a long time to fall asleep, but not usually. And since there was no video, I didn't know how much moving around he was doing and if he was actually sleeping.

Fast forward to 11:30pm and I finally go to bed. I toss and turn like usual and probably fall asleep around 12am.

Fast forward to 12:50am. I wake up to Henry coughing really loudly in the monitor so I direct my attention to his noises which then almost sound like choking, followed by blood curdling screams. I immediately wake Ryan up to run to his room (because I simply can't move that fast). 1.5 seconds later I hear "He puked!!!". Before Ryan had said it, I knew that's what I had just heard.

There was puke everywhere. Mattress, pillow, bed (every nook and cranny), the floor, the wall, the wall outlet and behind the baseboard behind his bed.

Ryan rushed Henry into the bathroom and decided that I would tend to Henry and he would go clean up the mess (which he openly admitted later that he choose this scenario thinking the cleanup would be the easier job).

Sadly, I think Henry had puked more than once (with the first time being in his sleep or something--as I can't imagine he wouldn't have screamed the first time like he did the second time). How do I know he puked more than once? He was covered in puke (shirt, face, hair, etc.) and not all of it was fresh. Broke my heart.

As much as I stated that I hate vomit and everything that it entails, as my poor little boy stood there scared and screaming with puke everywhere, all I wanted to do was hug and kiss him and make it all better. It's so different when it's your own child. And Ryan jumped right in and cleaned up that mess no problem too. Thank goodness for good team work that night.

I gave him a quick bath, fresh jammies, and we laid out blankets, towels, pillows and a bucket on our bedroom floor. He actually seemed in better spirits pretty quickly and gave me a very enthusiastic "MMM!!" when I gave him his first sip of pedialyte (thank goodness we just so happened to have a bottle in the house).

He wound up puking about 5 more times until 6am that morning. None of the times after the bedroom incident amounted to more than a tablespoon or two. Neither Ryan or I slept. Ryan tried to since he had to be at work extra early, and then we switched since I couldn't fall asleep knowing Henry was going to puke and me sitting on the floor watching him got uncomfortable really quickly. Although I still had a hard time sleeping up on the bed knowing Henry was still going to throw up. Ryan woke up Bumpa Tom before he left for work and I went into the other room and maybe got 45 extra minutes of sleep. It was quite the rough morning.

Henry didn't throw up all day on Monday, but was a bit tired and had a slight fever. For some reason after not getting sick all day Monday he threw up one more time around 7:30pm. Since we didn't know if he was finished or not, we definitely didn't want to put him back in his bed and have a repeat of Sunday night. Thankfully, Bumpa Tom offered to stay downstairs with Henry on his makeshift bed of blankets through the night so mommy and daddy could get some sleep. Henry slept pretty much through the night, didn't eat much today, but was in great spirits all day and even played outside. So it seems like he had a good day and is over this little sickness.

The unfortunate part of all of this (aside from how incredibly sad it is to see your child like this) is that if I get it (which could be quite possible since I kissed Henry and shared spoons and water bottles with him all weekend) I could easily get dehydrated, and if I get dehydrated, my doctor fears that that will easily push me into labor. On Monday's follow up appointment I was 1cm already (up from 0 on Friday night--so these contractions ARE doing something). I'm still getting the contractions frequently as well. As it stands now, it doesn't look like Claire will make it until October 10th, but only time will tell. All I want is to make it to 37 weeks.

Week 34, Week 35, and our first trip to the hospital.

Sunday, September 11, 2011
Oh I know. I've been slacking on the pregnancy side of this blog.

Here's week 34:


and here is week 35, looking really fresh at 10:00pm or so at night after returning home from labor and delivery.


So I've been having the practice contractions (if that is what they are) for quite a while now. The belly gets super tight, nothing unbearable most of the time--I just feel so tight that it's uncomfortable to move. Well, Friday night just as I sat down to eat delicious Little Caesar's pizza, I had three right in a row. I thought it was a bit odd, so I started watching the clock and taking note of how many more I had. I proceeded to have about 6 in just under 30 minutes  (they say to call when you have 6 in an hour). So, I called (especially because they felt more crampy than usual). They told me the standard "Lay down, drink lots of water and see if they go away in 30-45 minutes". I did all of that, and they still didn't go away. I still had 4-5 in the next half hour, called again and was finally asked to come in to be monitored. I had about 4 in the 20 minutes it takes to get to the hospital from our house, and by the time I was all hooked up to the monitors they were 3-4 minutes apart and lasting about a minute. Again, not painful, but clearly timeable.

Fortunately for us, our own doctor was the one on call (as I haven't met any other doctor in the practice that I like better than him--aside from the now retired doctor who delivered Henry). As I was JUST 35 weeks, they gave me a shot of terbutaline (basically a muscle relaxer) to stop the contractions. If they were real labor contractions, chances are it wouldn't have worked. After the medicine kicked in, my heart started racing (which was normal) and my contraction line on the monitor essentially flat lined. I also got a bag of fluids too (yay for IVs). At some point she checked me for dilation and I am at zero--which is great! So that was a good sign. Baby Claire is also head down (not that it matters) and still quite high up.

Thus, I was sent home around 10pm and told to call under the following circumstances:

-If I again have 6 contractions in an hour
-Suspected leaking/water breaking
-Hard contractions that take my breath away

I was not ordered on bed rest--just to simply "take it easy". Throughout Saturday and today the contractions still came and went. At about 3 separate points throughout the weekend, they came frequently enough that they were 5-6+ in an hour. I laid down after the first instance Sat. morning and they seemed to go away. It happened again this morning, and then after laying down, they seemed to go away. Earlier tonight, I had 6 in an hour again, laid down for awhile, and still had about 4 in 30 minutes of laying down--so I called again.

This nurse was a doofus and pretty much told me I didn't have to do anything if they were just coming and going all weekend. It's like she wasn't listening to me when I told her they were 3-4 minutes apart on Friday and had to be stopped with terbutaline. So she asked what I was comfortable with and said "Well, you can come in and be monitored if you want, or we can page the doctor and see what he thinks.". Since I knew it was still my doctor on call, I opted to get his opinion before we went in again.

What was worrying me is that anytime I tried to sit up, stand, walk around, and actually do something (like laundry, put things away, bend over, etc.) I kept getting contractions. I told my doctor this.

He said to go on with every day living, and if at this point labor starts, they wouldn't stop it as they apparently wouldn't want to pump me full of meds this late in the game, so close to the "magic" 37 week mark. He did say if the contractions started to take my breath away, to call right away, but at this point thought I was fine to wait it out. As of right now, they are still coming and going, and feel really, really tight at some times, but are not "taking my breath away".

I have to call tomorrow morning and make a follow up appointment (hopefully getting in with my own doctor) and I would assume he will likely check for any change in dilation again. If I'm still at zero, I'll probably rest easier knowing these are just annoying contractions that aren't ready to do anything yet but annoy me. Either that, or maybe we are on our way to a September baby instead of an October baby. However, as scary as Friday night could have been, I still have a chance to make it to October 10th--there is just no way of knowing how long I could go. If there's anything newsworthy from tomorrow's appointment, I'll be sure to update. I also have an already scheduled appointment on Wednesday--which is my "pre-op" appointment. Not sure exactly what it entails, but I know it will be slightly different/longer than a regular 8 minute appointment. The nurse who took care of me on Friday night said that once I start to dilate, that they would do the c-section, as they don't want me going into actual labor (though she didn't specify at what magic number they would say "ok, time for the c-section)--I'll ask my doctor that quesiton tomorrow.

On the rest of the pregnancy front, I am super uncomfortable. Aside from the contractions, Claire is often hanging out in my ribs, my belly is ginourmous and it's hard to move, no matter what means/way I am trying to move. My legs ache like I've never felt before, my lower back is killing me, and there is no comfortable spot/position for me to be in at work. If I stand, my legs hurt bad, and really fast. If I sit, my options are chairs built for 3-4 year olds or the floor--and while it's easier to get off the chair than the floor, they are equally incredibly uncomfortable. I may move my office chair into the classroom this week and roll around in it :)

Aside from ALL of that uncomfortableness, I'm not ready to be not pregnant yet. I want Claire to stay in a bit longer (preferably as long as possible--October 10th)--but I'll take any time after 37 weeks (which is less than 2 weeks away). The last thing I want is for her to need to spend time in the NICU. I can't imagine going home without my daughter. PLEASE let there be zero dilation tomorrow!

Considering the scare we had, we got our butts in gear this weekend and dug out all the big baby gear (car seat, bouncy seat, swing, pack and play, newborn toys, etc.) and set it all up--moved some of Henry's stuff into the closet for more room, did some general organizing and cleaning and bought some newborn diapers (which, by the way, I forgot how small they are!). We should be set on all basic needs for whenever Claire decides to come, aside from our stroller that we haven't clicked "Submit order" on yet.

Exciting stuff for the week: our neighbors are throwing us and another couple in the neighborhood who just had a baby last month a Baby-Que shower on Tuesday night. Should be fun! It might be our last day of decent weather. It's supposed to go from a high of 90 tomorrow to a high of 70 on Tuesday and then down to 59. Hello fall!

Henry's second trip to Target Field

Thursday, September 8, 2011
The Twins are a sorry excuse for a baseball team these days, but we have tickets and it's still fun to sit out at Target Field on a beautiful night, despite no longer having a beautiful baseball team. This night was no exception.


Waiting for his ticket on the right. I wanted to take this photo at his first game in May, but Henry freaked out and didn't want anything to do with handing the lady the ticket that time. This time, he was fine.


We ate peanuts and introduced him to cotton candy.


Face on the left? Priceless.


We all shared the cotton candy.


Chris decided it was more fun to play with the cotton candy. :)


No mommy, I will not smile.


But I will make this face!



The cotton candy actually made it a very long time and was nearly gone by the time it inevitably fell to the ground.


And if you can't tell in most of the pictures, he was only licking it. He had one bite and was not a fan of the texture, I'm sure.

And, a family photo.


Lucky readers, there are two other posts below this one. But I think that is all for the night. I'm aware I never posted week 34--so I promise that tomorrow in conjunction with week 35. I also have some haircut pictures (and video!) in the works, as well as the best apple orchard pictures yet. In time, dear friends.

Oh yeah. We are having a baby in no more than one month from Saturday.

Love these.

Sometimes my little boy enjoys doing "cheese" for me. It seems to happen about 1 time per month or so. He was "cheesing" all over the place on this morning back in August.


A super duper fake "Cheese" on the left and excitement about an acorn on the right.



Another acorn discovery.


Two fantastic photos.


And some more. The one on the right was when I asked him to show me his "sad" face.


His cool new shoes!


More compelling evidence as to why the haircut was nearly necessary.


Quite likely watching an airplane.





Finally, a few more fantastic photos!


Another new post about our camping adventure below!
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