Catching Up...starting with South Dakota.

Thursday, September 8, 2011
Whoa. I know you thought I was never going to post again. Between all my sessions, weddings and going back to school, it's been rough trying to find the time to fit it all in and not get behind on personal stuff too. So, here I am, finally, with the first new post in a while.

Back in August (you know, when it was summer--which, by the way, who asked summer to leave anyway?), we traveled to the middle of South Dakota with Chris and Kelly and took our first family camping trip. I thought it would be a toss up as to who would "do better", the then 7 month pregnant girl, or Henry, the 2 year old. We all had a great time, though I will admit I like my shower and bed.

The campground was beautiful. This is where we stayed for 3 nights.


Henry enjoyed helping with bean bags.


We relaxed and became a pro at drinking out of a water bottle (and as you can see, even the dear old puppies got to go with!)


We licked watermelon like a posicle.

IMG_1730 - Copy

We saw amazing views like this:

IMG_1746 - Copy

Henry got to paddle out to the big boat on this. No, I wasn't crazy enough to allow tubing. Geesh.

IMG_1849 - Copy

We played with buckets.



And Henry went on the big boat!


This was the day that we decided yes, it's worth the $11 for Henry's first haircut.


Mommy caught some sun flare.


Blurry, but daddy's expression is hilarious.



We took a trip up high and took some pictures of the sunset.


And of all of us in front of the sunset. Henry was excited about a bunny he saw, I think.




We had a great time and had great weather! I would say that my next camping adventure, however, I would like to not be pregnant. When we first arrived, it was near dark and I never ventured to find the bathroom. Imagine my incredible panic waking up in the middle of the night while it rained/thundered wondering how and where I would go to the bathroom when I needed to go at 4am. I'm definitely not a squat in the bushes kind of girl. Luckily, it was one of my special nights where I miraculously didn't have to go at 4am.

Trying to give Henry the one shower/bath during the trip was also an adventure. Ryan was going to take a rubbermaid tub to the shower and give him a make-shift bath, but there was a crack in the tub, so no dice with that. A horrifying shower it was then, for our little boy who HATES showers. Aside from that and the difficulty getting Henry down for nap the first day, he did really well. He loved riding in the boat, playing in the water and tossing the bean bags.

I also learned you can make lasagna when camping...without one of those fancy "campers" that include a full size oven. :)

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