Henry's second trip to Target Field

Thursday, September 8, 2011
The Twins are a sorry excuse for a baseball team these days, but we have tickets and it's still fun to sit out at Target Field on a beautiful night, despite no longer having a beautiful baseball team. This night was no exception.


Waiting for his ticket on the right. I wanted to take this photo at his first game in May, but Henry freaked out and didn't want anything to do with handing the lady the ticket that time. This time, he was fine.


We ate peanuts and introduced him to cotton candy.


Face on the left? Priceless.


We all shared the cotton candy.


Chris decided it was more fun to play with the cotton candy. :)


No mommy, I will not smile.


But I will make this face!



The cotton candy actually made it a very long time and was nearly gone by the time it inevitably fell to the ground.


And if you can't tell in most of the pictures, he was only licking it. He had one bite and was not a fan of the texture, I'm sure.

And, a family photo.


Lucky readers, there are two other posts below this one. But I think that is all for the night. I'm aware I never posted week 34--so I promise that tomorrow in conjunction with week 35. I also have some haircut pictures (and video!) in the works, as well as the best apple orchard pictures yet. In time, dear friends.

Oh yeah. We are having a baby in no more than one month from Saturday.

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