Week 36, Week 37 and a second trip to Labor and Delivery

Saturday, September 24, 2011
Backing up to week 36:


and Week 37, yesterday.


I had my last doctor appointment on Wednesday where I was 2cm dilated, 40% effaced, and baby Claire is at -2 station. (Not anywhere near the lowest she can be, but she is definitely sitting low and I can feel it). The doctor doesn't think I will make it until the 10th, but he says you never know.

Yesterday, we took our second trip to the hospital. As we sat down at dinner at the Olive Garden (coincidently where I had my "last meal" the night before Henry was born), I started getting really hard, but not painful contractions every 2.5 minutes...boom, just like that. I had probably over 15 in an hour (and they say to call now if you have 12 or more). So I called and because they were so close together, they had me come in again. By the time we got there, they had slowed down, I was still dilated to a 2, 40-50% effaced and was sent home after an hour and a half or so. No baby yet.

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