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Sunday, October 30, 2011
Since I treat this blog as more of an electronic baby book than anything else, it's important for me to update on everything going on in this house (more so for me to remember it, as it may bore some of you).

In terms of Claire, she is 3 weeks tomorrow already! Crazy!

When she had her one week appointment, she hadn't met her birth weight. The doctor advised us to take her in a few days later to get weighed, where she still wasn't at her birth weight, so he then advised us to take her in again earlier this week where she finally weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds, 12 ounces. She had gained almost an entire pound in a week! Needless to say there aren't any current weight issues with her as long as my milk continues to cooperate. She eats about every 2 to 2.5 hours during the day and 2.5-3 hours during the night. The doctor wanted us to be waking her up every 3 hours which we stopped doing on Wednesday or Thursday night of this week, I believe. After further research on my part about gaining weight, it seems most of the literature (online and in a few books I had lying around), suggests that a baby should be back at their birth weight at TWO weeks, not one like our dumb doctor had told us. Also, everything I found on waking a sleeping baby up at night said that you only need to do that until they reach their birth weight again and to establish the milk supply. (For the life of us,  we couldn't remember what we did with Henry, though I do remember setting alarms to wake him up in the beginning).

We are slowly trying to find a routine. Her sleep/feeding schedule throughout the day is still pretty much up to her and what she wants/needs, but it seems she takes a long nap around the same time as Henry if I time her feedings right (in addition to her many other naps during the day). We try to keep her up a little bit during the late afternoon/early evening time so that she will actually be able to begin to fall asleep for the night around 8pm. Her cord stump fell off a week ago and she now gets a bath every other night. She tolerates the actual bath just fine (stares into the mirror as we have her little bath tub up by the sink). However, she does let me know just how much she doesn't like getting out of the bath. It seems I can't get her dried off and jammies on fast enough. Some nights we have been successful in getting her down for the night by 8pm (and then she will wake up again about 10:30-11:00 when we are ready to go to bed). I'll feed her, and then she'll be up 2 more times in the night, so it's not too bad. Although there have been more than enough nights where she wants nothing to do with going to bed before 10pm. We'll get there someday!

We also can't decide if she likes the swaddle blanket. Henry loved it and it always helped him go right to sleep in conjunction with nursing. Some nights it seems like she likes it and she sleeps better, some nights she seems mad at the world because she can't move, and then pretty much every night regardless of either of those, she gets her left arm out. This morning her left arm was not only out of the swaddle, but out of her pajamas as well. She's a pretty strong girl!

Some more photos (not new...these are all from the first few days at home).




I of course can't forget Henry. He continues to do well with Claire. He likes watching diaper changes and hands me the wipes/diapers. He still gives her kisses and hugs (and always asks to give her one at night right after he gives me a hug/kiss), and he will sometimes bring me other requested things for her that I ask of him (i.e. Can you hand me the burp cloth, blanket, etc.). I try really hard throughout the day to give him as much attention as I can, especially 1:1 attention when she is napping. I also always offer to read him a story while I'm nursing her so that he still gets some sort of attention during that time as well. While he does seem to do fine with Claire herself, he is acting out a bit, and today was no exception.

For starters, after 3 months of not one time getting out of his bed, he left his bed and bedroom today during nap time. He had only been napping for a little over an hour before Ryan heard him whining at the top of the stairs. I hope that this was a bit of a fluke and that it won't happen frequently, but we will have to see.

He also has decided that he likes to not sit in his chair with the booster seat on it at the kitchen table this weekend. While he sort of can reach his food without the booster, the regular kitchen chairs lack a buckle and he's been leaving the table this weekend frequently and hardly eating anything. I'll have to crack down on that this week and hopefully can get him sitting back in his chair consistently.

There are other little things (like yelling at me sometimes, refusing to follow simple directions,  freaking out about weird things, etc.), but I won't go on forever on negative stuff. I think it boils down to him needing a little more 1:1 attention (especially from me). I just have trouble deciphering if all this stuff is new baby/jealously related, or just plain 2 year old stuff. With time, I'm sure, it will all get better. His stuttering already has (he started stuttering when I originally went back to work).

And for those wondering, no, he still won't wear the costume. However, with the help of Max (Uncle Adam and Auntie Liz's dog), he did willingly put on the hat part with a smile on his face for about 5 seconds today). He told me he'd wear his Mickey hooded bath towel for trick or treating, so maybe we'll at least get that on him. If anything, he will sure enjoy getting more candy tomorrow. Here he is last week at a Halloween party that Kelly's work had. Loved getting the candy. Mommy and daddy will need to at least hide some of his candy tomorrow. He's already had way too much in the last week!


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