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Sunday, October 9, 2011
My mom and I took Henry out one last time for some fall photos, on this, his last day of being an only child. I will maybe finish them up today or tonight, but who knows. If not tonight, it'll obviously be awhile. For now, here's a flashback to last year at this time.


And here's a keeper from today.


What a difference a year makes! The boy in the bottom picture fully understands his love for M & M's (or as he likes to call them, "emma-yums!"), and thus, the picture was captured this year.

What else can I tell you about Henry these days? It's been way too long since I've updated on the things he does and what's going on these days.

Communication wise he can tell us what he wants/needs the majority of the time. Some things aren't always crystal clear, but since summer began he's been more willing to imitate proper articulation with me and has changed the way he says many words (and many have evolved to the correct form on their own). Some words that I simply can't change yet because they are too cute are "emma-yums", "buggy-tail" (for pony tail), and "bucca-yoyoyo" for buffalo to name a few. His sentence length is continually expanding and we've more than a few times heard up to 6 word sentences, as well as many 5 word sentences. His average seems to be about 3-4 words (which is higher than the typical average, as they say that a child should produce a mean length of utterance equal to their age--so his should be about 2 words).  He loves to ask us questions. His favorite is probably "what?". "What are those?" and "What is that?" are the most common. He still talks in 3rd person (which won't begin to resolve itself on its own until about 2.5 years), but we have heard a few "I's" lately. He mixes up "me" and "you" a lot, which is too cute, as we'll hear things such as "Daddy, hold you?" (instead of "Daddy, hold me?"). It's just so much fun to watch and listen to him expand and grow his language.

As far as his cognitive development goes, he continues to be a bit of a smarty pants. He literally forgets almost nothing, puzzles continue to be old hat for him, and he continues to be really interested in letters, and as of late, wants to know what everything says...he'll say "Say mommy?" when he wants to know what something says. He will also point out individual letters in many words and once he's done reciting them, he usually thinks it spells Henry, as he'll say "Says Henry!!!". Next on our list of skills will probably be lowercase letters. He also has about 6 of his books nearly memorized and can literally read them to you.

Socially, he's still pretty shy around new people and kids, and I'm anxious to get him back into another ECFE class this mid winter to get him around other kids again. He loves to be humorous and make everyone laugh. He's very snuggly lately, gives hugs and kisses all the time and always replies back with "I love you too mommy/daddy." Sometimes he even asks for "One more smooch goodnight?".

Adaptive wise he continues to pick and choose what he wants to be independent with. A big goal I had for this summer was to make him as independent as possible. The two things that are really still issues are his inability to really understand "wait" most of the time, and his desire to want someone playing on the floor with him most of the time. We'll really be working on those beginning Wednesday when Claire comes home :).

Oh yeah...the really big things going on adaptive wise are poop and pee. For about 2 weeks he's been afraid to poop. We aren't sure if it's transition related (as transitions can cause issues in the potty department, because kids feel like it's one of the few things they have control over), or if he had one bad poop that hurt too much and scared him. Either way, for about 2 weeks each time he's pooped he's danced around, asked to be held and done everything he could to NOT poop (all the while screaming practically bloody murder). It's pretty much one of the most difficult things to watch. 2 times last week the entire ordeal lasted 1.5-2 hours until he finally caved and pooped. Yesterday, however, we COMPLETELY 100% ignored him at the first sign of him dancing around and he actually pooped on his own, without crying, two times yesterday. So, note to everyone that will be around him, you say absolutely nothing to him (no "yay!", "good job" or ANYTHING of the sort). It worked yesterday and we hope it will work again until he realizes he doesn't have to be afraid to poop.

On the pee-pee front, about 3-4 weeks ago he figured out when he was peeing and would announce to us "Pee, mommy! Pee!". This week, 3 times while in his bath, he knew he needed to pee, held himself and screamed until he was taken out of the bathtub. The first two nights we put him on the potty. The first night, a bit got out on accident, I think, and the second night he let it all go for an M & M. Unfortunately, he cried the whole time while on the potty, and actually cried more when we praised him for going. Thus, the current strategy (and this is only occurring during bath time right now) is to ask if he wants to sit on the potty or put his diaper on right away. He chose diaper the past two nights, and I'm completely ok with that. Potty training while in transition of a new baby in the house is pretty much a big no-no, so we aren't even pushing it at this point, but welcome the new signs of readiness. Hopefully he'll enjoy praise at some point.

Eating wise, he is about the same. Some days he scarfs down quite a bit of food, and other days, hardly anything. Our approach to eating is the following:

When applicable, we offer him what we eat in addition to 2 side items we know he will eat. This winds up to him eating similar things often, but it is recommended to offer whatever you are eating and to keep offering new foods until they eventually try it. A serving size for him is equal to 2 tablespoons (a tablespoon per age is the general guideline), so he doesn't need to clean his plate, finish an entire cup of yogurt or drink a whole sippy cup of milk. We try to let him be at mealtimes and let him eat what he will eat without bugging him the whole time. When he's done, he's pretty much done, and we don't force it. He's also very distracted by everything so we try to minimize all possible distractions.

His weight has fluctuated between 25-26 pounds lately, so still probably low percentile, but we do all that we can without pressuring him.

Sleeping is still a piece of cake, and let's hope it stays that way through this new transition. He's never gotten out of his bed and always waits for us to go get him. He loves his bedroom and "digger bed". 

Current favorites?

Favorite Book: Pajama Time! (After about 2-3 reads he had many lines memorized).
Favorite Toys: Coloring books, puzzles, mega blocks and all his diggers. His toy preferences change weekly, it seems.
Favorite Words: "Henry do it."
Favorite TV Shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and the "H show".
Favorite things to do: Read books, play outside, color and snuggle.

Maybe there will be some more pictures later tonight. If you don't see those tonight, the next pictures you see will be of our family of four.

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