Some from the last newborn session.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
The kids napped for a little bit of the same time today so you get to see a few more pictures. I totally could have gotten WAY more done, but Henry decided to poop in his sleep and woke up after only an hour or so of napping. sigh. However, I did get these done, and was able to backtrack back to the 10th and at least convert a bunch to JPEG from the first day. Hopefully, little by little, I'll get caught up.

These were taken on Sunday, which I'm considering her last official newborn session. I tried again yesterday, but it was just a no go. She just never really wanted anything to do with sleeping when I wanted to take some pictures of her. I do love that I was able to capture her at least content and awake for these last ones. Thanks to Amanda for loaning me the props. Totally had way more ideas in mind for the floor, but Claire had other ideas. Though I certainly didn't get every single pose I had bookmarked over the course of the pregnancy, I did capture a bunch of frame worthy images that I'm currently having a hard time deciding which to put on her birth announcement.




I totally see Ryan in this one below. Anyone else?

Almost had forgotten to capture her ten tiny toes!


I get to hang out with these guys all day. Not sure what's going on with Henry's face, but he loves her.

For anyone interested, we have all three survived 1.5 days of just mommy at home. Everyone (including myself) has been properly and continually nourished and hydrated, diapers get changed, and I even showered yesterday before my doctor's appointment. It'll take a while to get a routine down, but hopefully soon I'll be able to figure out what works best for us and how to get a shower each day before the day gets away from me. Oh, and dinner on the table when my husband comes home. 

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