What?!? No way.

Monday, October 31, 2011
Yes, this happened. No, that isn't his costume, but it's at least a Mickey shirt he was willing to put on. I figure he can at least go trick or treating in that and his Mickey gloves.

Surprisingly, I had no intention of taking a picture of them together (or Henry for that matter, as he's on a very defiant and deliberate photo strike--i.e., doesn't really even like when I have the camera out at all and gets fussy until I put it away).

I was actually trying to just snag a few more of Claire in her costume (as the bottoms don't even fit her anymore). I was singing to her to keep her sleeping and Henry came over to sing too. I asked him if he wanted to sit next to her and sing, and that he did. This was a once in 3 week opportunity (all other attempts to get him to take a picture with her haven't been successful), so there was no time to get the crummy wrinkles out of the blanket, but oh well. He sat perfectly, smiled, and they are both in focus. Yay to me! (and Henry of course).

Happy Halloween! Whatever he winds up wearing tonight, there will be pictures regardless, as it's his first time ever trick or treating.



Claire was all about costumes today. :)



An unedited outtake to show you how high she can lift her head already.


Why stick to just one costume when you can be a princess too!?


And a quick untouched one of Henry. Not sure if I can save it by expanding the background, eliminating wrinkles, or not. But he's still adorable!


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