1 Month!

Thursday, November 10, 2011
And so it begins. The monthly photo shoot and update. As with Henry, my plan is to do this for every.single.month. until the 24th month.

At 1 month Claire is:

-Starting to turn her head to sounds.
-Following objects with her eyes.
-Eating every two hours during the day.
-Takes intermittent naps throughout the morning, and one long one (usually) at the same time as Henry in the afternoon.
-Slept for 7 straight hours last night! (Typically getting up once during the night now)
-Likely in the mid to high 9 pound range (she doesn't go to the doctor until 2 months).
-I swore I caught one real smile the other day.
-Starting to make small cooing noises here and there.
-Goes down for the night around 8pm, gets a bath every other night and is swaddled semi-loosely. She doesn't seem to like it real tight, but wakes up when her arms get loose too quickly.

Really? 1 month already?

Hoping to do the chalkboard each month. Although, at some point she'll be old enough to hold it, and won't want to hold it.



Already bored with photos at the start of the shoot.


She wasn't sleeping through any of these. Just caught her with her eyes closed.


Love this "deer in the headlights" look.



Again, mommy, this is boring. I would rather be eating. or sleeping. or pooping.


I caught a small smile!


Stretching out! Do you see all the baby chub in a lot of these? Thanks to eating every two hours during the day, I'd like to think she's on her way to 10 pounds already!



LOVE this face.



1 comment:

Karen said...

Yeah Claire is a month old.. where has the time gone....

Love you!

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