Baking, Santa, and a little Elf.

Monday, November 28, 2011
Because of limited time, I simply can't devote entire posts to entire sets of photos. So, this post has a little bit of everything from the past couple days.

First, Henry and I were busy baking last Wednesday for Thanksgiving. We made delicious chocolate chip pumpkin bread and a peanut butter/chocolate pie. I wish I had taken a picture of the final product. The pie was amazing (at least it was if you like peanut butter/chocolate/Reese's types of things--which happen to be my favorite). Yum! Henry helped from start to finish.

These few pictures of him in his Santa jammies make up for not getting any posed shots in them the other day.


Words can't describe how much I love the next three photos.


So excited to be stirring!


Attack of the cool whip!


Yesterday, Claire and I tried the popular twinkle lights background. Didn't turn out too bad, but I didn't get any of her looking content (she looked crabby in all of them). I'll try again this week, and likely with a white background too.


I will try to devote another post to this, but I can't wait to share this one. We saw the big guy yesterday. Henry was willing to go up in his sleigh, but didn't want to sit on his lap or even next to him. At least no tears were shed. :) Look at how cute the little man is. Claire had no issues.



Santa's elf.



The hat? Made by Grandma "Tarnen". Maybe she'll open an etsy shop someday.



The only way I can catch them together is to be sneaky. He didn't know I was taking a picture.


A pretty perfect shirt I found at Target yesterday.


Fun slideshow posted below.
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