"The H Show", part 2.

Saturday, November 12, 2011
Still loves this show. Points out the letters and counts them. He also knows that when they land on bankrupt they lose their money. It's a good educational show, right? He learns about letters, word formation, money management, and even a little geography with the prize puzzle round (they always give away a trip somewhere).

So, I was pretty excited when I found this at Target. Each year I've bought him an ornament for the tree. The first year was a Dept. 56 baby one from Target, and last's year's was also Dept 56 from Target. I also bought him a super cute snow globe his first Christmas, and was hoping to find a similar one for Claire this year, but Target doesn't carry the Dept 56 stuff anymore...huge bummer. So if anyone sees a cute snow globe related to a baby's first Christmas, let me know.

Anyway, so in keeping up with purchasing an ornament that fits who he is, I bought this and didn't give it to him until we got home.

This is the face I caught when I first showed him.


A rare opportunity that he isn't screaming "No pictures!!!" when I asked him to look at the camera. 


He looks SO cute and SO big in this one. 



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