Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Finally. I finally got this shot that I have been dying to get since Claire has been home. Henry has wanted nothing to do with pictures in general lately, let alone with Claire. My trick today? I gave him the remote to my camera and he thought he was taking all the pictures. The first set I took were more twinkle light pictures.

Not sure how they will look on your computers (on my working computer in the basement they looked perfect, on our old craptastic macbook, they look way too bright). As an FYI, you are supposed to see blurry white christmas lights in the background (to somewhat mimic snow).



Then, about an hour later, Henry asked to take more pictures. The following was the result of that request. Oh how thankful I am that he let me take these. I will love these forever.


 This one got quite a bit of love on facebook. 






Black and white goodness.


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Karen said...

I think I was the one, who you tubed how to get your toddler to want to take pictures. As the woman said on you tube, use your remote control to take the pictures.. great idea
Grandma Tarden..

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