The double chin is in.

Friday, December 23, 2011
Not only is this double chin the cutest thing you'll ever see, it's also a clear indicator that she's getting enough milk, and that makes this momma really happy.

Lots of love on facebook for this one.


That smile? Seriously. :) Can't get enough of it.


Background blanket was crocheted by Grandma Karen.


So sweet. Outfit she's wearing is 6 months, by the way.


She's started drooling. FYI Claire, teeth are not necessary yet. Really, they aren't. Not for another 4-5 months.


Showing off her Christmas day dress, courtesy of the always fabulous, Old Navy.


Cutest baby girl you've ever seen.


As a general update, she continues to sleep through the night. I get her down by about 8pm and I sometimes need to wake her up at 7am! I am well aware of how incredibly lucky we are to have two great sleepers.

Her eating has stretched itself to about 2.5-3 hours during the day (but often still just 2 hrs some days). Her clothes are all 3 months, 3-6 months, and has even worn a 6 month outfit (in the pictures above!)

Her naps are still a little erratic, but generally she seems to handle about 1-1.5 hours, (sometimes 2) of awake time before she needs to sleep again. She naps in the swing still at this time.

At night she is still swaddled with the "Miracle Blanket" and I think that's largely why she's sleeping so well. She also manages (without even getting arms or anything out) to scoot herself clear to the other side of the crib a couple times a week.

Her monitor alarm went off last week because of this. Holy *&%@* I could not run into her room fast enough.

She is beginning to giggle a bit and smiles all the time (as you can see in all the recent pictures). For real, the camera makes her smile, I think. Whenever I get it out, she smiles.

We are ready for Christmas!

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Karen said...

Claire Bear is the prettiest girl in Carver mn!

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