I never said it would be easy every time.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
I've had some pretty successful shopping trips (albeit quick ones) with just me and the kids as of late. I was ready to reach for the stars today.

I really wanted to tackle a number of things:

1. Michael's--to get some random stuff for my holiday party this weekend.
2. the mall--to pick up a few things at archivers, one random christmas gift (with no intention to spend any more time looking at stuff I wasn't already intending to look at), and have lunch in the food court. 
3. Target--for groceries.

That's a pretty lofty list with two kids. Let's just say it wasn't as easy today as it has been in the past.

First off, I forgot my Baby Bjorn, which has been a lifesaver in Target. Henry usually goes in the cart and I carry Claire in the bjorn. Target was last on my list, so I spent the whole time contemplating how and if I should even attempt Target at the end.

I brought a nice big bottle of milk to get us through the trip so I wouldn't have to worry about feeding Claire in the car or a dressing room. Michael's was our first stop. Claire was already crying the moment we walked in. She wouldn't take the bottle. I don't know if it was the bottle itself, or because the milk was too cold. Screaming nearly the whole time. And I kept running into this same old lady that was annoyed that I apparently kept getting in her way with my giant stroller and off again, on again crying baby. Dirty looks right back at you lady.

After awhile, Claire took some of the bottle, calmed down, and we got the heck out of dodge (though I didn't really get to look at everything I wanted to).

Our next stop was the mall. As I struggled to get the stroller out of the back of the car, a pair of old ladies approached me and one said "Gee, I feel sorry for you. I'm so glad I'm not a mom these days. We never had to go through this." Umm, through what? Getting a stroller out of the car while the baby is crying in the backseat? Geesh.

Once we got in the mall my first stop was archiver's. I literally only needed a few pieces of Christmas paper for a project. Found it, got in line. Claire didn't even cry in this store. As the old lady checked me out, she made small talk and asked me how old the kids were. After I told her, she replied "Wow. I was never so brave to have my kids THAT close together." Really?? Really? They are OVER 2 years apart. That's pretty damn average these days. I know a ton of people who have them even closer together.

Claire was pretty calm so I attempted to browse the next store on my list for a gift. She started crying within a few minutes and then nearly cried the whole time. Wouldn't take the bottle. I was determined to buy said gift (as I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping, and have done the previous 80% of it strictly online). Found gift, got in line. A woman probably about my age rings me up. Makes small talk about my kids as Claire cries, though she offers no weird or condescending comments.

Next, we were on our way to the changing station to change Claire's diaper and then to the food court to eat where I could take her out, have her finish her bottle, and all would be right with the world. On the way, one of my old favorite stores had an intriguing sales sign out. Damn marketing. This wasn't why I came here, but I went to look. Super great deal on sweatshirts. I really wanted one. Claire cries on and off. Takes a little bit more of the bottle as I try to hold the bottle in her mouth, navigate the stroller and look at said sweatshirts. Pick two out. Claire starts to cry again. Time to check out. There was one lady in front of me so I took Claire out to calm her down a bit. Young guy about my age rings me up. One sweatshirt was apparently a premium one and more expensive than the advertised sign. Decided to tell him to take it off after it was too late. He apologizes over and over for how long it takes to "return" the sweatshirt. Insert small talk about my kids again, yet no weird or condescending comments from this guy either.

Ok. Time to change the incredibly stinky poopy diaper and get Henry and I some lunch. Oh yeah? Henry in all of this? Not a peep. Perfectly content in the front of the stroller. Claire had a blowout. I almost had left the house forgetting her extra change of clothes. Thank goodness I remembered.

Claire takes a little more of the bottle when we sit down, but is clearly unhappy that it isn't the real deal. Henry takes FOREVER to eat. The old lady sitting across from us flashes what seemed to be a couple dirty looks as I tried to keep Claire calm.

Finally, he gets back in his seat and it's time to go. I tell myself that Target is just a no go today because Claire clearly just wants/needs to nurse and/or just doesn't want to be in her carseat (if she's awake, she hates it) and we all just need to go home. She cries off and on on our way to the car.

As I struggled to get the stroller back into the car (while Claire cried in the back seat) a middle aged woman approached me and offered to help me put it in the car. Really? So awesome.

We are down the road to go home. Claire stops crying. Henry says her eyes are closed. Hmm...maybe she finally fell asleep (she ended up having enough milk that I knew she was likely more tired and not necessarily still hungry). There was still plenty of milk left in the bottle in case she woke up at Target. We REALLY need our groceries. The frozen pizza we had last night was kind of the last meal we had to prepare for dinner. Fine. We'll attempt Target.

I pull in the parking spot and Henry is asleep. This is probably a really bad idea. I open Henry's door and he startles himself awake, immediately asking "Mommy, where are we going to now??" Thankfully, he likes Target.

My first thought was to let Henry walk. After 3 seconds of that, I decided that would be way too slow. Henry gets in the back of the cart. I go over a giant bump that startles Claire awake and the crying commences again. Maybe we should just go right back in the car. This just isn't going to happen right now, I tell myself. But then I remind myself that my list isn't THAT long, and surely we can get through this. We need groceries or Ryan and I will be eating cereal for dinner. Surely Claire will calm down with more milk from the bottle.

If you remember WAY back to this post, I can't see a thing when I have the car seat in the front of the cart. So, I attempt to hold the bottle in Claire's mouth (she was FINALLY chugging it down), and zoom through the store without being able to see where I am going. I almost took out one lady. I apologized, but she gave me a really dirty look and said nothing. I'm sorry lady. I'm freaking short, my kid is screaming and I just need to get these damn green peppers in my cart.

I finally gave up and just stopped in front of the chicken to let Claire finish the bottle. I attempted to open up one of those plastic bags with one hand and get three packs of chicken in it. Not happening with one hand and I sigh and put it down while I wait to get my other hand back. A middle aged woman approaches me and asks if I want some help and puts the chicken in the bag for me. Really? Awesome.

Claire finished the bottle and was content for awhile. Though I knew that the crying would probably begin again, so I continue to zoom down the aisle trying to remember everything on my list. Claire starts to cry on and off soon after and by the time I was on my way to the checkout (I want to say we were in Target for maybe a total of 15 minutes), she was screaming bloody murder again. I throw stuff up on the belt as fast as I can (I seriously wanted nothing more than to just get home at this point). Henry is finally heard from again as he starts to scream that I put something on the belt that he wanted to put up. Really? No time for him to put every other thing on the belt. I get it up there as fast as I can as he starts to cry too.

No sir, I don't have coupons today. I already have a Target Red Card. And even if I didn't, I wouldn't be signing up for one with two crying kids. No small talk, no rude comments about my crying kids from this young guy either.

Claire finally stops crying and doesn't make a peep the whole way home. Henry throws another tantrum because he wanted to jump up in his seat by himself.

We get home. Claire is screaming again. Henry is quickly changed and put down for his nap. Claire is nursed, falls asleep, and then has a poopy blowout, again. Wake her up, change her and FINALLY get her sleeping in her swing.

Groceries are put away, things are cleaned up, and I sit down to blog. Here are a few things I learned today:

1. Old ladies have no filters. They apparently say whatever they want to whomever they want. Especially young mothers with kids. Crying kids seem to annoy them.
2. The above described old ladies infuriate me.
3. Young people do have filters. They don't make rude comments to you while your kid(s) are crying in the checkout line.
4. Middle age women are apparently very sympathetic and helpful.
5. I shouldn't go to the mall on my own.
6. It is possible to get through Target and get everything on your list in 15 minutes with two kids.
7. When you are zooming through Target with two kids (one of them a crying baby), everyone, and I mean everyone stares at you. Most of them with sympathetic eyes.
8. The haircut/highlight appointment I have tonight is much deserved and needed.

Should I have thrown in the towel earlier and come home? Maybe. But when it takes an hour to prepare ourselves to even leave the house, it's really hard to admit immediate defeat. And we made it through it, even if there was a little crying. :) Congratulations if you made it through this really boring post.

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Tom said...

Sorry it didn't go as well today - the next shopping trip WILL GO BETTER.....

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