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Thursday, December 1, 2011
I am seriously eating this up for however long it will last. Henry insisted we take more pictures last night and today. The first were from today. These would easily have been on the Christmas card had I not already ordered it.


Umm, yes. He is totally holding her hand...not requested by me at all. melts my heart.


and then some quick ones last night too.


that little black thing made all these pictures happen.


If this kid continues to want to take pictures, you'll see this same pose every day for however long it lasts.



Hahahahaha. Claire's face. And she looks like she's ready to punch. And Henry's all puckered up. lol.


In other news, Claire has slept through the night 4 times in the last week and a half! Last night I put her down in her crib around 8:15 and she didn't wake up until 6:30am! How amazing is that?

We also estimate her to be just over 11 pounds already and 22 inches long. We'll see the accuracy of that on the 14th when she goes in for her next appointment. We will be seeing a new doctor at a new clinic. Hopefully we like her.

Her morning naps still fluctuate from day to day and she still will usually take a long nap while Henry does. However, from the time of 4ish-when she goes to bed, she is pretty much a complete fussy mess. I read last night that 4-10 weeks are the fussy weeks with weeks 6-7 being the peak (that's exactly where we are). Pretty much during that time if she's not sleeping she wants to be eating--it's the only way she is calm. I also read that this is known as the "witching hour" and that many babies can have it during the early evening time before they go down to bed because they are just simply exhausted from the day. Hopefully it will pass soon!

She still otherwise eats every 2 hours, sometimes 2.5 hours if she has been sleeping. She never goes more than 3 hours during the day.

Henry continues to show her love and always wants to help with diaper changing. He also will now ask me "Can we do tummy time with Claire Bear?". Yes, if you haven't been around, you should know he most often calls her "Claire Bear". :)

Other exciting stuff--Henry ate a freaking turkey sandwich today and he tried sour cream. Yes, you read that right. Two new things in one day. It was almost more than my poor heart could handle. I had my last post-partum appointment today (got the ok to exercise--hoping someone buys me "Dance Central 2" for the Xbox off my Christmas list--sounds so much more fun than my elliptical), and the building my clinic is in has its own Subway. We tried out the Subway kids meal once before with him (he ate the apples and bread). Knowing we had next to nothing left at home that he'd eat, I stopped and got us lunch there and brought it home.

Oddly, instead of immediately pulling the cheese and turkey out and hoping he'd at least eat the cheese and bread, I left it as a sandwich and asked if he was going to eat his turkey sandwich. Amazingly enough, he did. He took multiple regular sized bites (not those baby bites he's somehow figured out he can get away with) and I didn't even have to ask him. It was seriously the first new thing he's tried in forever...let alone taken multiple bites of.

He's getting excited for Christmas. I don't think he quite grasps the concept of it all, but he gets excited about Santa, presents, the pretty Christmas lights, snow, and the little snowglobe he swiped from grandma and bumpa. Should be a very fun Christmas for him this year. Although, when you ask him what kind of toys he wants Santa to bring he will only reply with "Funny ones". Not sure what that means!

Claire will be baptized this Sunday at our new little church in Carver. It's pretty small, but the priest is awesome so we really like this church. That's only 3 days away. I suppose I should figure out what I'm feeding people that day. :) There will be cake at least, and I know everyone likes my cake.

Expect another update tomorrow sometime.

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Anonymous said...

haha- I actually laughed out loud on the last one! I love that Claire is ready to punch and Henry's ready for kisses! What great memories you are capturing!

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