Oh, the irony.

Saturday, December 31, 2011
I had milk supply issues with Henry. By 4 months we were supplementing with formula and by 6 months the milk had dried up. I'd provide links to all the old posts devoted to that problem, but I'm too lazy. Since I'm home with Claire on an extended maternity leave, she is getting all the milk she needs directly from me. So imagine my thrill as I've quickly built up quite the "emergency stash" in the freezer, garnered mostly from pumping one side each morning and pumping before I go to bed on nights when I remember. Take a look at the photo below. I am proud of that stash ("liquid gold", if you will). There is roughly 90 ounces there. In the grand scheme of how many days of feeding that roughly pans out to be It is only about 3 days worth. However, 90 ounces is 90 ounces. Coming from a mom who struggled and stressed over this last time around to even provide enough milk for 3 feedings a day, this stash is huge to me.

So, imagine the irony when twice this week we tried to feed Claire defrosted milk and she refused it completely both times. A look of utter disgust on her face both times like we were feeding her poison. At first, since the first bag was dated 10/13, we thought maybe it had gone bad already. Milk is supposed to be good 3 months in a regular freezer and up to 12 months in a deep freezer. We weren't even to 3 months yet, so I wasn't convinced it was bad even though it had a somewhat different smell. Knowing that the milk was going to start to go bad if Ryan didn't start giving her some bottles on the weekends, we tried again today with no luck.

Naturally, I immediately googled "baby refuses frozen milk". Enough of the same thing came up that I think I know what may be the problem. Some women have too much of the enzyme lipase which doesn't agree too well with the freezing and defrosting of milk and thus completely changes the taste and odor (it apparently isn't nearly as sweet and can be soapy tasting). Some women reported online that their babies didn't seem to mind, while others, like me, had babies that wanted nothing to do with the frozen milk. Ironic indeed. I have more than enough milk this time around and my beautiful freezer stash may be totally useless. I will call the lactation consultant on Monday before I do anything rash, but it seems there may not be a way to save it if Claire won't drink it. Thankfully, it seems there may be a solution to new stuff--heat it to 150 degrees, and then freeze it. Many people reported that worked, so we will have to see.

I just can't seem to come up a winner in this breast feeding game.

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