Wednesday, December 28, 2011
It is becoming an obsession. I can't stand to have things out of place and am slowly adding organizational pieces throughout this house. These shelves were the big additions as well as organizing our bathroom cabinets and pantry. Our closet is next. If anyone is looking for shelves such as these they are on a great sale at Target this week. I'm tempted to buy more :)

The basement closet under our stairs. (all iPhone pics)

The new play area upstairs. This, I'm hoping, will come in handy when I'm showering, doing my hair, doing laundry, etc.

Henry's bedroom. My plan is to SLOWLY add things into his room this year. I think the space has thoroughly been established as a sleeping place for him, but it's time to add some stuff in there. Baby steps though. Though it's been bare for so long, it's one of the most recommended things to do when transitioning a toddler to a bed. Don't have a bunch of stuff in there that will deter them from sleeping. So for now, his toy box is in here with JUST stuffed animals. We are calling it his buddies' (what he collectively calls his stuffed animals) house.

Finally, the main level toy closet. How beautiful it looks organized by me, and not Henry. He now has plenty of toys to play with on all levels of the house. Now, if we could just stop playing musical toys/books, I'd be happy. (Upstairs toys come down, downstairs ones make their way up, etc. etc. etc.)

Christmas post below if you haven't seen it yet.
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