Snow buddies.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Claire's too little to go outside in the snow, obviously.

So I must take pretty snow pictures inside.


Black and white is pretty too.


Claire is going strong on 6 nights in a row sleeping through the night. Almost a week already! I'd say we are pretty lucky to have two great sleepers. They clearly inherited that from their daddy, because a great sleeper, I am not.

She was baptized on Sunday. Expect some picture and video later this week maybe. Another video you might see? Claire rolling over for the first time! She did that Sunday, one day shy of 8 weeks.

In other news, I survived without Ryan for 3 days last week. Yay for business trips. I won't sugar coat it. I strongly dislike being alone, especially at night---it was hard and I cried when Ryan left. Thankfully, I have this really awesome son, who, upon seeing my tears said, "Mommy, wipe your tears?" He then went to the bathroom, grabbed some toilet paper and came back to wipe my eyes. Incredible? Yes. And caused more tears in the process. Henry took the whole experience alright, although he did start crying immediately when he saw the suitcase daddy had Wednesday morning. And thankfully I have this really awesome baby girl who decided to start consistently sleeping through the night Ryan's first night away.

A really big thanks to Chris and Kelly for helping me out and keeping me company for a few of those nights. Thanks to Kelly we had dinner 2 of those nights :)

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