Friday, January 6, 2012
Finally getting these up. Happy 2012 to everyone!!

Here are the resolutions I came up with for this year. What are yours?

1. Take more videos of the kids. I get so wrapped up in the photos that I forget to take videos unless it is a special occasion. Even then, I rarely do anything with them other than post a couple cute videos here every so often. Take more videos period is the achievable goal. Putting some DVDs together would be a loftier goal.

2. Go to church more. We aren't very good about this. I want Henry and Claire to learn about what we/I believe. When they are older they will and can make their own decision about their faith.

3. Step up the game in my photography business. Get more bookings across the board, but specifically with newborns.

4. Explore more of the metro area. Henry is two point five and we finally got around to taking him to the children's museum.

5. Continue organizing and purging the crap out of this house.

6. Play more piano. Towards the end of the year maybe start teaching Henry some of the basics.

7. Make more cakes and cupcakes. I have a fun new cupcake book with awesome ideas in it.

8. Go on more date nights. Way more.

9. Take one vacation with kids and one without.

10. Weigh 1#0 instead of 1#8. Clearly not indicating all three digits. I have a date with pandora and the elliptical every other day at 5 am. Here is to hoping I continue to stay motivated.

I had two of these 2012 headbands. Unfortunately, Henry said no thanks. Enjoy Claire though. :)
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Karen said...

love love love the pictures!

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