27 Years.

Saturday, January 21, 2012
Sigh. Another year, another candle added to the cake. Good thing, though, as my friend Jessie said, the years just keep getting better. :) Not only did I add a candle to the cake this year, a new sweet baby was added to the photo of me blowing out the candles, compliments of last year's cake. ;)

We had a family lunch out yesterday, blew out the candles and then mommy and daddy went out on a much needed date while the kiddos stayed with Auntie Liz. We went to Crave for the first time, briefly walked around the Galleria (which I had never been in), on the lookout for something I could blow my birthday money on (which almost went to a Coach purse...almost). Then we went bowling (me, for the first time in years, a fact that was clearly reflected in my two scores that didn't even break 100). It was fun though!

A little collection of the day below. Henry and Ryan made me an "emma yum" cake, and Henry picked out all my presents on his own. Ryan let him loose at Target and he picked out a scarf, a shirt, and a pair of socks. Mommy also bought her own pair of jeans a few days earlier ;).

Ryan ate some sushi, which I can happily report, that I also tried...though Ryan will deny that fact.

It was a fantastic birthday, spent with some of my most favorite people. :)

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