Claire is 3 Months!

Friday, January 13, 2012

At 3 months, Claire is doing the following:

-Sleeping through the night and is still swaddled. Ryan tried cold turkey the other night while I was away at a client meeting, but she woke up within 30 minutes.
-Has to be woken up by me by 6:30 in order to get a sufficient number of feedings in throughout the day. If I don't wake her up, she'd sleep as late as 7:30ish, I think.
-Is eating about every 2.5 hours during the day. She can go three, but if I let her go 3 hours, then she only gets 5 feedings in, which apparently, isn't enough.
-Rolled over from tummy to back again, finally on her 3 month birthday. But only once, and not since then again!
-Smiles all.the.time. You should see her when I wake her up every day. In fact, maybe I'll get it on video sometime.
-Giggles and laughs, mostly at silly face/noises, but it's pretty random yet. If you tickle her she makes a semi-laugh/upset noise which is also too cute.
-Tolerates tummy time well and enjoys her little activity gym floormat thingy.
-When bottle fed eats 3 ounces, though I bet we could up it to 4. I'll have someone give her a bottle this weekend and see. (Which, by the way, I've been scalding my milk before it goes in the freezer, but we haven't tried giving it to her yet. An activity for this weekend, I guess).
-First tooth is/or is about through. I can't quite tell. She's a drooly mess and the fingers are in her mouth all the time.
-Cooing all the time. I swear it looks and sounds like she knows what she's saying ;) Henry's convinced that she's always trying to say "bear" for some reason.
-LOVES watching Henry. During breakfast and lunch she sits in her little lamb sit on the floor between the 2 of us. She's always staring at Henry. He, is apparently, much more entertaining then me at the dinner table.
-We haven't checked height since 2 months, and Ryan weighed her on the scale two nights ago. We think she may be just over 13 pounds. We visit the doctor again at 4 months.
-Morning naps are still pretty erradic, and really, so are the afternoon ones. But, I think we will very soon be falling into the following schedule:

6:15 Wake Up
6:30-7:00 Nurse
7:00-9:00 Play (tummy time, floor time)
9:00-9:30 Nurse
9:30-11:30ish Morning Nap
11:45-12:15 Nurse
12:15-1:00ish Play
1:00ish Nurse back to sleep
1:00-3:00 Afternoon Nap
Her afternoons have been all weird lately. I've tried feedings at 3/5/7pm (7pm is the last feeding of the day), but then I've also had luck with stretching it out a bit and doing 4:30/7:00. It all totally depends on how well she naps in the morning. If she doesn't nap well in the morning, she's apt to take a much longer nap in the afternoon. And if the naps are crazy bad all day, then she naps again around 5-6.

The routine is a work in progress :) Eventually we'll have 3 long awake times and 2 long naps. Eventually.

Today, they are both napping at the same time this afternoon, hence the ability to create the post you are currently enjoying right now.

Onto the photos. Check out the chub on the legs in the top of the 3rd storyboard. :)

blog board3

blog board2

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